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21 Examples including Arbitration in a Sentence

Here’s a list of 21 example sentences that are containing the word ‘Arbitration’ in them:

  1. The two disputing parties eventually agreed on submitting their case to arbitration.
  2. Most people prefer arbitration over litigation or courtroom trials.
  3. You need to gather all the evidences before submitting your matter to arbitration.
  4. Arbitration is really significant in getting away from a dispute through a peaceful and just resolution.
  5. Arbitration works purely on the testimonies, listening and evidences of the two disputing parties.
  6. The neutral third party who is given the task of arbitration helps the two disputing parties resolve the matter peacefully.
  7. In the US, people like to go for arbitration for the fact that it is a more unique way of resolving disputes.
  8. Arbitration is less time consuming and cheaper than the courtroom trials or litigation.
  9. Arbitration is often intermixed with Mediation for both are the modes of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’.
  10. Looking at the seriousness of the issue, I’ll strongly suggest you to submit your case to arbitration.
  11. John Henry was looking for a peaceful resolution through arbitration, but the opposite disputing party did not agree on submitting the matter to arbitration.
  12. I don’t think, their personal fight needs to be submitted to arbitration as it can easily be resolved if the two disputing parties agree to sit on a table for a peaceful and approachable talk.
  13. The people who prefer to resolve their disputes and disagreements through arbitration are considered to be more civilized than those who are reluctant to move towards a peaceful resolution.
  14. I asked John and Mark, if they are looking for a peaceful resolution outside the court, arbitration is the best option for them to choose.
  15. Smith always encourages people to prefer arbitration over courtroom trials and other litigation processes for resolving their disputes privately.
  16. Never had I ever thought that we’d have to resolve this dispute through arbitration or mediation.
  17. I was offering him an arbitration process, but he paid no heed at all.
  18. In ADR, arbitration is considered to be a more prominent and viable solution for the disputes.
  19. The arbitration panel has not listened to my evidence yet.
  20. Tough he submitted his case to arbitration, the arbitrator decided to proceed his matter after 2 months for obvious reasons.
  21. Arbitration is a much celebrated way of resolving disputes.
  22. I’m not the right person to perform arbitration for this matter.
  23. He was discouraged to perform arbitration for lack of experience.

What is meant by Arbitration?

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes through negotiation and private listening without the involvement of court, lawyers or judges. The two disputing parties agree on appointing a neutral third party to help them resolve their matter through testimonies, evidences, and proper listening to both the disputing parties. 

Who can Arbitrate?

A neutral third party is given the task of resolving the dispute between the two disputing parties. After doing trials, collecting evidences, and doing listening of both the disputing parties, the third party makes a final decision that is binding and legal. Both the parties are directed to accept it no matter if one of them disagrees with the final decision.

This neutral third party who is appointed to bring about a peaceful and legalized resolution for the two disputing parties is called as an ‘Arbitrator’.

Arbitration and Mediation?

Arbitration and Mediation are sometimes interchangeably used when it comes to finding a peaceful resolution for a civil matter. Both are the modes of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)’. However, both are somehow different in the process and nature.

Arbitration is more formal while Mediation is formal and more like a friendly negotiation between the disputing parties to move towards a peaceful resolution. Moreover, mediation is less expensive and a bit faster than Arbitration.

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