A brand without a solid Facebook marketing strategy, especially if it’s B2C, is missing out on a lot. That’s because as far as social media platforms go, Facebook is the most crowded. 

According to Statista, the social network was reported to have around 2.740 billion active users back in January this year.

Considering all that potential, it’s no surprise that Facebook is a central part of every other marketer’s digital marketing efforts. However, not everyone’s getting their Facebook marketing strategy right.

In this article, we’ll list and review 9 good Facebook marketing strategies, with an example of a brand that’s doing a great job at executing each.

Let’s get started.

Nike: Use storytelling to connect with your audience

Whether you’re a well-known brand or a local business just starting out, storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience.

One brand that’s doing a good job at storytelling through Facebook posts is Nike.

If you scroll through the photos they’ve shared, you’ll notice that every single one subtly tells a story that their young, athletic target audience can somehow relate to.

Here’s an example post with a small story of a duo rocking their Nike Air Max shoes while getting some fresh air.

Based on your audience and what you do, you can get creative with storytelling to connect with your Facebook audience. For instance, If you start a shoe line yourself and market it on Facebook, you can post short (maybe even real) stories revolving around your kicks.

Mercedes-Benz: Directly engage with your audience

A good tactic to grow your followers, get more leads, and foster brand loyalty is to engage with Facebook users.

The bigger the brand, the more impact that engagement is going to leave. A good example is Mercedes-Benz.

The social media team of the automotive giant is known to engage with comments on their posts, like so:

As a result, the engagement rates (a crucial social metric) for their page is almost always in 6 figures.

Therefore, in addition to publishing content on a consistent basis, make sure to engage with your followers, whether they reach out to you in comments or through Messenger.

Tastemade: Go all in on video content

When it comes to formats/types of content, video is by far the most popular. In fact, about 85% of businesses use it as a marketing tool.

What’s more, when asked which social channels they post videos to in a survey, 75% of marketers selected Facebook.

Tastemade – a media company that provides food and travel programming – heavily invests in Facebook video posts as part of their content marketing efforts.

The mouthwatering recipes, DIY cooking hacks, and informational content helps them rack up thousands of shares, comments, and reactions on their Facebook business page.

While you don’t necessarily have to go heavy on creating videos, it’s good to mix them up with photos and text posts.

Benefit Cosmetics: Go live to engage with your audience

Facebook live offers a great opportunity to have personal interactions with your followers.

A brand that’s properly capitalizing on this popular feature and has made it a central part of its Facebook marketing strategy is Benefits Cosmetics. Every other week, their Chief Beauty Ambassador goes live to share beauty tips and special deals on Facebook.

If you have enough followers and ample resources, investing in live videos is a great way to garner additional engagement.

Microsoft: Use Facebook ads to reach your audience

Over the years, Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to limit organic reach. Data suggests that it fell from 16% in 2012 to less than 4% in 2019.

The goal is to encourage brands to spend more money on advertising so that their content shows up on the news feed of their target audience.

There are many advertisers who do this right, but few do it better than Microsoft.

Here are a few examples of ads that were a part of the company’s lead generation campaign: 

The caption/text, copy, and CTAs are enticing and follow all the best practices of creating an effective ad. Furthermore, to maximize reach, they are being run on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

If you already haven’t, you can get started with Facebook advertising on the ads manager

Advice for beginners: Learn about different types of ads, custom audiences, targeting options (demographics), and Facebook pixel before you get started.

Red Bull: Generate content that aligns with your audience

The Red Bull social media team rarely posts about their drink. In fact, on their Facebook page, they call themselves a “Media/News Company.”

Based on the interests of their target audience (and their messaging), they go all in on posting content about energy-charged sports.

This helps them maintain that engagement and achieve top-of-mind brand awareness with their target audience.

The key takeaway – you don’t always have to share content that directly sells your product.

Fitbit: Share helpful content

Adding humor and entertainment to your social content is great, but both existing and potential customers expect more than that. In fact, according to Sprout Social, about 78% of customers would buy from a brand that’s helpful on social media.

The social team at Fitbit knows this all too well and regularly shares informative content about health, fitness, and their tech as part of their Facebook content strategy.

The content includes tidbits of information, tips, polls, and links to their fitness blog.

As a result, they receive ample engagement on their Facebook page.

Walmart: Rotate the pin feature

Facebook allows you to pin posts at the top of your page. A pinned post is the first thing users see when they visit your Facebook page and start scrolling through your timeline.

For instance, the Walmart Facebook page always has a post pinned at the top on promotional deals and certain campaigns.

Naturally, the links they share in their pinned posts receive higher click-through rates and more views.

You can read more about pinned posts here.

Lumin: Set up a shop on Facebook

To retain more users on its platform, Facebook also allows businesses to set up their shops on their pages. With this feature, your audience can explore your product catalog and get maximum value from your page.

Lumin – a relatively new small business that sells skincare products for men – is doing a great job at maintaining their shop on their Facebook page.

They’ve listed some of their best-selling products at the front and have also shared useful details for each.

If you sell products, it’s highly recommended that you use this Facebook marketing strategy to get more conversions out of your page visitors. You can learn all about it here.

Wrapping it Up

If you’re new to social media marketing, and looking for ideas to market your brand on Facebook, the aforementioned strategies are a good place to start.

Remember – creating the perfect Facebook marketing strategy is an on-going process. It’s all about experimenting, analyzing Facebook insights to see what’s working, and constantly tweaking your game-plan to achieve your marketing goals.

About the Author: Obaid Khan Durrani is a content marketer for Upflip, a disruptive platform that makes it easy to buy and sell businesses online. He’s also the founder of Planet Content and has helped many companies grow with content marketing and SEO.