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You may wonder if marketing your legal services is worth your money and time. Keep in mind that potential clients need to know you exist, and digital advertisement could be the quickest way to do this and build your business. DUI lawyers now have access to digital marketing methods, thanks to modern technology. 

However, you need to understand your potential clients and use marketing strategies that resonate with them. In this article, we explain the best DUI attorney marketing strategies and how to utilize them effectively. 

Website Design for Defense Attorneys 

One of the most significant marketing strategies for a criminal defense lawyer involves having a website. It serves as the primary marketing tool for your firm on search engines. A website helps establish your DUI attorney brand online and build a lead generation method to enable easy conversion into DUI clients!

When starting a website, ensure it has a responsive design that adapts to computers, tablets, and phone screens. It reduces the stress for visitors and ensures your clients are happier! Several platforms allow you to build your DUI attorney website — WordPress is the most common among them. 

Aside from providing a responsive site that allows you to promote your DUI lawyer practice, WordPress also enables lead capture login downloads to help you generate more potential clients and help fight their charges.

Optimize Your Website

Apart from having an intuitively designed, fast-loading, and responsive website, ensure to structure it using the best practices. The website represents your law firm in the online circle. Hence, it must be attractive and have strategic pages like privacy policy, home, about us, and contact us pages, like the one was done for this DUI attorney website

You can also decide to create a blog targeting keywords (long-tail) to attract visitors who might have questions relating to your services. After structuring your law firm website, ensure that visitors can quickly navigate every web page and find the right information they’re looking for. 

Determine Value Proposition 

Your promise to deliver an ideal solution for your clients is known as a value proposition. Every business ought to articulate its offerings and how it can solve its customers’ problems in a value statement.

A DUI lawyer can explain what they do and what clients stand to gain from their services in the following ways:

  • Education on DUI law to prevent driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the first place 
  • Representation at all stages against DUI charges in courtroom proceedings, including trial defense counsel, pre-trial preparation, and arraignment before a jury or judge, appeals, and sentencing. 
  • Legal advice for individuals who have been charged with drunk driving 

Every business that wants to achieve a successful marketing strategy needs to explain its services. More importantly, the services need to be distinct from that of other DUI law firms. 

Using Paid Ads for DUI Attorney Marketing

Using paid advertising can help DUI lawyers reach larger audiences quickly. There are various platforms available for paid advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 

  • Facebook Ads

This strategy requires you to create a Facebook Page, write an ad copy, and add an image. Then set your target audience and budget. While running Facebook ads, you should consider what’s called “lookalike audiences.” It’s a tool that enables you to connect with individuals who share similar characteristics with your current prospects or customers. 

You can build a Facebook lookalike audience for your DUI attorney marketing in the following ways:

  • Upload a ‘best client’ or ‘best’ prospect list to Facebook
  • Build an audience profile using fans your Facebook page
  • Compile data on engagements from your website or campaigns on Facebook

You can then target the lookalike audiences while advertising. Studies reveal that campaigns based on lookalike audiences have the best results on Facebook, with favorable cost per conversion and click-through rates. 

  • Google Ads

Google ads have both advantages and disadvantages. Although it enables you to generate leads quickly, it comes at a pretty high cost. 

DUI attorneys who don’t have an online presence can utilize this to bring in revenue. Then, as they build up their cash flow, they can invest in more profitable and sustainable strategies like SEO. 

The first step is to create a Google Ad account. Then, create an ad text and target audience, and set your budget. You can set specific geographical parameters for your ads, if necessary. 

You can also utilize keywords to make the ad text informative and relevant. That way, it can attract more clicks from people searching for DUI lawyers within their locality, such as “What can I do after being arrested?” “DUI arrest”, or “Do I need a DUI lawyer?” 

SEO for DUI Attorneys

Search engine optimization is among the best strategies to get visibility for a DUI law firm website. It’s an excellent way to drive traffic directly to your business, and it can boost your business significantly. 

You can reach your prospective clients in different ways using search engines. The primary DUI attorney marketing strategy used to bring in more clients for DUI lawyers is SEO. There are two SEO categories, and we discuss them below. 

  • Content that Ranks (On-page SEO) 

On-page or on-site SEO refers to a set of actions taken to boost a web page ranking in SERPs (search engine ranking pages). The aim is for the web page to reach Google’s first page or the top search results. Every measure pertains to elements of the webpage content and its structure.

Here are ways to refine your DUI lawyer marketing strategy through SEO:

  • Create content that individuals would love to read. Doing so enables you to rank higher on search engines for the target keyword, and you can expect a boost in lead conversion. When optimizing the content on your website, target different keywords on separate pages 
  • Optimize for educational, long-tail keywords, providing answers to frequently asked questions related to DUI attorney services. You can target keywords that individuals are more likely to type in search engines when seeking this kind of information
  • Make your web pages load faster by using a minimalist site design, hosting your website on fast servers, and compressing the image file sizes
  • Create a landing page optimized to convert. It implies having a call to action and putting out information about the subsequent line of action. Then, optimize the page using transactional keywords like, “How can I find a DUI attorney near me?”
  • Create Content Silos indicating result-driven web pages. You can break down a complicated topic and add links from other pages, making it easier to rank on Google
  • Off-page SEO 

Off-page SEO refers to the measures taken to get backlinks from other websites. Since you’re working on DUI attorney marketing, you can design various infographics about personal injury, drunk driving, and family law. 

This type of content is easy to share on social media as it simplifies complex information. Hence, other websites will be willing to link to your website. 

If you design infographics, make sure publishers using your posts can easily link back to your website. You can do this by creating an embed code in your infographics that individuals can copy/paste on their website. 

Guest posting is another effective link-building strategy to consider. You can reach out to publications within the law industry and request to make a guest post on their website.

  • Local SEO

This method is an essential aspect of your DUI attorney marketing strategy as it boosts your firm’s online presence to potential clients within your location. You can use local SEO to grow your business and get more leads. 

First, register for Google My Business to enable you to manage your listing and include information such as website URL, hours of operation, and contact details. Additionally, you can create local listings on websites like Bing Places or Yelp so that potential clients looking for DUI lawyers near them can see your details in their search results. 

Ensure to have a consistent name, phone number, and address on every local listing. You can achieve this by copying your contact details on Google My Business and pasting it on Bing Places or Yelp. 

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Which is Better for Criminal Defense Clients: SEO or PPC? 


PPC is an excellent marketing strategy for several businesses in various sectors. For instance, if a company uses hyper-refined keywords for its extremely niche product, then PPC is the ideal route to go. Also, a business that has a limited-time deal or offer and needs to spread the information quickly can use PPC to create the quick awareness that’s needed. 

However, when it comes to the legal industry, PPC might not be the best option. Legal-related search keywords are one of the most competitive, and they account for some of the costliest PPC campaigns. With keywords like “personal injury” “attorney”, and “lawyer” often fetching more than $100 per click, there are more effective and relatively cheaper ways to find new clients. 


Focusing on SEO makes sense if you commit enough time to it. It’s imperative to have your website on the front page of Google as about 70 percent of visitors hardly scroll past the first search result page. 

But getting on the first page is time-consuming and difficult as search engines constantly update their algorithms to satisfy their searchers. Hence, even if your content gets to the first page, it could be dropped the next minute due to a little tweak in the algorithm.

Besides, an increase in website traffic through SEO doesn’t imply more money if the conversion rate is zero. But PPC ads enable you to monitor your conversions via the marketing method and adjust if you’re not getting the expected conversion rates.

When it comes to mobile accessibility, phone leads from PPC campaigns have better conversion rates than SEO results. Focusing your marketing strategies on the mobile market isn’t a bad idea as it has overtaken fixed Internet access in searches. 

So, Who Wins?

While PPC and SEO have their advantages, putting the two strategies to work can give the most effective results. The exposure you get from a PPC advertisement can indicate reliability to customers. 

A Google research reveals that even if your web page ranks number 1 in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), running a PPC advertisement on that page also boosts traffic by 50 percent. Even if you rank lower than number 5 in SERPs, a PPC ad can improve your traffic by up to 95 percent.

A ‘double listing’ in the SERPs (one paid display ad and one organic) reinforces your business, giving it the chance to take more “online shelf space” in front of web searches.

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Establish a Base Presence on Social Media

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, social media marketing for DUI attorneys keeps getting bigger. Your law firm should have social media accounts to connect with the target audience effectively and stay relevant. 

You can also look for new opportunities by connecting with other lawyers. Creating a LinkedIn profile is among the best ways to do this, especially if you’re looking to attract other business clients and professionals. 

You can also share content from third-party sites and your blog to build a social media audience. You may require a sharing tool to schedule your posts in advance. It’ll enable you to monitor the engagement results such as the number of comments, likes, shares, etcetera. 

Connecting with your audience on social media platforms and demonstrating your expertise helps build your social proof, grow your business and generate leads.


Podcasts enable DUI attorneys to repurpose their existing content. After recording and publishing an episode, you can transcribe and make it readable for web visitors while improving your SEO. Additionally, you can cut a part of the podcast and post it on social media. 

You can also host colleagues in exciting panels and discussions. It’s an excellent way to potentially form new networks and enhance relationships with peers that can benefit both parties. 

You may also consider the opportunity of getting on episodes of legal-related external podcasts. It also helps to improve your network, SEO, social media posts, and exposure. 

Online Reviews 

Reviews are any form of insight or feedback from former or current clients found online. It’s also essential to note that potential clients may also write reviews about the consultation and initial inquiry. Many consumers search for feedback from past clients when looking for an attorney. They can access the reviews on Google,, and Yelp. 

Hence, it’s essential to give your past and current clients access to review websites to boost the number of positive feedback. 

You can insert a link from Yelp on your site that will enable clients to make reviews. You can also invite your former clients through email to leave a review on your website. Social media platforms like Facebook also allow clients to make reviews on your page. 

Final Words

Marketing is dynamic. When it comes to promoting your career in criminal defense law, there are many methods you can employ to get new clients. Many people stick to a single marketing technique and are okay with it. 

But why settle for less when you can get more. If your budget allows and you’re ready to pay the price, combining these eight powerful tips will not only build you a successful career in criminal defense but also rake in clients every other day. Suppose you’d want more strategies to make your law firm website rank higher, check out more articles at