Marketing is said to be the backbone of a business, and for a good reason. It’s the only means businesses gain visibility, connect with their target market, and rake in sales in profit. But since the world became connected via the internet, marketing has likewise evolved into the online and digital space and is now known as digital marketing. The new form of marketing via online and social media channels offers a wider reach to businesses as they can promote themselves to anyone and everyone across the globe. Think about the vast audience and the possibility of drawing massive profits per product or service offered.

However, digital marketing solutions have some technical hacks that experts only know. While an entrepreneur or business could personally handle their marketing via digital and social media channels, it is best to save time, resources, and effort by using the services of experts in the field. Digital marketing agencies like Chicago full-service digital marketing agency offer a wide range of specialization in digital marketing, and they’re often the best at what they do – it’s why they’re paid.

Using a digital marketing agency doesn’t apply to all businesses. While it is cost-efficient and helpful to specific businesses, especially the big brands, it might not necessarily be what a small or medium scale business (SME) needs to pull off marketing campaigns. To figure out if hiring a digital marketing agency is what your business needs, here are some things to note:

Business Size

Now it’s a good thing to dream big, but until you’re big and can’t run things all by yourself or with a small dedicated team, you don’t need a digital marketing agency. Big businesses and brands that already have a large market base and offer steady products or services are often flooded with massive data they’ll have to sift through to plan their digital marketing campaign or strategy. This is not something a single person will be able to do effectively. As such, it’s ideal for big businesses to invest in a digital marketing agency to save resources and energy. Often, digital marketing agencies have to work alongside the actual marketing team of big businesses to ensure that marketing goals are met.

But for small and medium scale businesses (SME’s, sole proprietorship, and startups), the market audience is not entirely massive yet. As a result, a small team or just a single person can handle the digital marketing responsibilities.

Marketing Strategy

Businesses have different marketing strategies and plans. Some plan for the long term, while some are only interested in short and precise marketing campaigns. Having experts handle each marketing campaign is important if you’re focused on reaching a wider audience for a long time. This affords you consistency and coordination in working with a long-term goal.

But if you only need to place ads for a short timeframe, probably you’re only interested in running a marketing campaign based on a sudden trend or a product with limited offers, or your business does not have or need along with a term marketing plan. You might not need the service of a digital marketing agency. Working short-term allows you to hit hard on your marketing campaign and draw in results on time. It is something you can execute by yourself or through your marketing team. Working with short-term marketing plans without using a digital marketing agency saves you time, resources, and money which can be diverted towards investing more in your marketing campaigns.

Sales Progression

The ultimate goal of running ads and other marketing strategies is to drive and convert traffic into actual sales. Where the marketing campaigns and strategy employed fail to drive traffic or massive traffic without conversion, there’s a need to review the entire marketing strategy. It might signal to get a skilled digital marketing agency with a proven record in traffic generation and conversion.

Where your campaigns succeed in driving traffic and converting into actual sales, you might also consider getting the services of a digital marketing agency to maintain or improve your progress.

When you experience a steady decline in conversion and sales, getting a digital marketing agency involved is best to review your marketing strategy. While a decline in sales might not necessarily mean that your marketing team or strategy is inefficient, it’s a call to change strategy or seek the help of professionals. With digital marketing agencies, you’ve assured a renewed marketing strategy that will reach your target market and convert accordingly.

Website Optimization

Many things can cause a decline in conversion and sales. One of such decline factors is having an unoptimized website – especially one that hasn’t been updated in a year or two. If you’re running a business, you should know that “customer satisfaction is key” is one of the foundational rules. When running a business online, your customer satisfaction is tied majorly to the user experience on your website. So if you have a poorly designed website with poor graphics and dysfunctional layouts, dead links, and the likes, you’re bound to experience a decline in traffic and conversion.

But how do you get back in the game?

Now’s not the time to think about revamping everything by yourself. You should get the help of a specialized digital marketing agency providing web design services to help you create a new website or revamp your existing websites. While this will cost you money, it is the perfect investment to get your business back in shape and draw in the traffic and potential conversion you’ve been missing out on.

Depending on your business nature and needs, your best option at times would be to get the help of professionals. The point is your greatest investment isn’t always the seemingly cost-efficient ones, such as running things yourself. Another rule of business to keep in mind is that you have to spend money to make money – in this case, you might want to consider seeking help from a digital marketing agency.