As an employer, a top priority should be showing appreciation for your team members, who are the reason for your company’s success. Showing employees that you care about their wellbeing both in and out of the office leads to a boost in morale and productivity in the workplace as well as higher retention rates for your employees. If you are looking for a creative way to show your team that you care, look no further – here are 3 easy ways to show appreciation for your hard-working employees this year.

  1. Express Gratitude on Social Media

Shouting out your team members on social media is a great way to make them feel appreciated while giving them the personalized appreciation they deserve. Posts could be made on employees’ birthdays or work anniversaries as a simple way to show them you care about celebrating their big day; alternatively, you could choose one day each week where you highlight a different team member with a post including a photo and highlights of their contributions to the company so that your customers and followers can get to know them.

  1. Listen to Feedback

The best way to show employees that you care about them is by providing them with a comfortable and positive work environment that meets all of their personal and professional needs. Getting insight on what can be done to improve the office can happen with frequent employee feedback. Try to send out a survey as frequently as once per quarter, and ask questions about the office, leadership, their goals for professional development, and more

  1. Feed Your Team

One of the most crucial aspects of modern office design is a well-stocked kitchen full of the foods your employees love and the tools that are required to prepare them. Ensuring that your office has a kitchen that is updated with a few of each team member’s favorite snacks or drinks will keep them satisfied during a long workday and show them that you are appreciative of their presence in the office. Also consider having one day each week or month where you can order food for your team members from one of their favorite restaurants, and you can all enjoy lunch together. This will show your appreciation for your employees and provide the perfect opportunity for you to bond with them further as you all enjoy your meal together.