If you’re a company that deals with customers, which many must do, you’ve likely had a complaint or two, regardless of how great your company actually is. If you work in the medical field at a place like The Institute of Natural Health, this might mean dealing with patients or visitors, or if you manage a restaurant it might mean dealing with unsatisfied diners.

Whatever the reason or occupation, dealing with customer complaints is just the reality. But by knowing how to successfully approach their complaints, you can turn their frustrations into a positive experience by showing them that your company means business when it comes to helping their customers. Here are a few ways you can do so.

Open Your Ears

When a customer comes to your company with a complaint, the best thing you can do is open your ears and listen to what they have to say. They can tell when you are hearing them but not really listening, so making an effort to truly understand why they are upset can go a long way.

Fix the Problem

It’s not enough to simply listen to your customers’ complaints; they want you to actually do something about it. Once you understand the problem, you can work to actively solve it. Some problems will be fixable, and some won’t but try your best to reach a solution that your customer is ultimately pleased with.


In many cases, the frustration most customers feel can often be reduced by simply expressing your apologies. Let them know that you are honestly sorry that they’ve had problems with their product or service and that you know it was an inconvenience to them. This will help lower their walls a bit and put them in a better position to work with you while you try to get their problem fixed.

Make it Up to Them

Even if the problem has been resolved and apologies have been issued, it’s a good rule of thumb to make it up to your customers with an added gift. This might include offering them a certain percentage off the price of their product or service, giving them a gift card or discount on their next purchase, or giving them something for free.

Turn Complaints Around

With a little time and experience, you’ll be able to turn customer complaints around and leave a positive impression on them going forward. This way, you’ll retain a customer base and keep them happy in the process.