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So your business has an email list! That’s great, especially whenever the numbers on the email list are growing. However, you don’t just want everyone’s email on your email list, and you want those emails to turn into customers who are going to buy from you and use your services. 

You might know how to market your business and get people to join your email list, but how do you make sure the people coming on are the right ones?

Well, you can’t control every single email and you can’t make all the people on your email list buy your product or use your services. However, you can follow some of these tips in order to make sure you are marketing your services and your email list towards the people who are going to be very good leads.

  1. Market in The Right Places

While you can put your website, your email list, and all of your other information into the internet and onto your social media and hope for the best, you’d have better luck marketing to your target audience. 

For example, if you run a business whose main audience is upper class white collar businessmen, you probably won’t find a lot of them marketing your stuff on TikTok. 

If you have a business for singers, you probably won’t find your ideal customers on non-singing websites. Make sure you know who your ideal customers are and then figure out where they hang out. 

If you can market your business inside of the places where your customers are and where they congregate in great numbers, then you have a higher chance that some of those people are going to head towards your email list and find the form you made when you had to create a signup form on AWeber.

  1. Provide Well Done Content

Let’s say your target audience members find their way onto your website. Well, they are going to want to see what they can get from you for free before they focus on sharing their email information, much less buying from you or taking the time to do your service. 

This is where your content comes in, because you need to ensure that the pieces of content that you are putting together are well done and provide value.

While SEO and other optimizations for your content can help search engines find your content, the real thing that is going to keep your potential customers staying on your website is providing some amazing content that gives them value. 

Then they will want to give out their email addresses and keep following your content to get even more value.

  1. Guest Blog and Crossover With Others In Your Niche

Finally, instead of building your own email list and struggling to find an audience, why not collect your audience from the already built email lists of others in your niche? 

There are plenty of opportunities to guest blog for other websites in your niche, as well as crossover with other influencers and writers who are in the same field as you.

Look for those opportunities, do an outstanding job putting content out on their websites, and then you can often link to your website. Then the audience members from the websites of others will click on that link to find more of your work and join your email list. 

Plus you get to meet other people in your niche and possibly connect with them as well for other projects.

There are a lot of different ways to connect with people who won’t just follow your content, but also will purchase your goods and services as well. With a little hard work, you can fill your email list with qualified leads!