Attracting customers and encouraging them to take the next step and choose your brand is challenging in a highly competitive market. It’s vital to stand out and turn heads but it’s also beneficial to create lasting memories. As a business owner, you want new customers to become long-term clients. In this article, we’ll outline some effective ways to make your brand more memorable. 

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Customer engagement

Engaging with customers is one of the most impactful ways to raise brand awareness and ensure that your brand has depth and meaning. Consumers today want a deeper connection with the brands they choose. Engagement goes beyond surface-level communication. It facilitates conversations, allows brands to share their story and human side and builds relationships. Use email marketing, your website blog and social media to talk to followers and customers and get to know them. Ask questions, listen to the answers and take ideas and feedback on board. Respond to comments and encourage people to interact with you.

Social media is often viewed as a powerful sales tool for businesses. Brands can boost sales through social media marketing but customer engagement is perhaps the most important element of a campaign. Focus on the social aspect of social media rather than using apps and platforms to push products or services all the time. Tell your followers about the brand, share your company culture and ethos, introduce them to your team and use your customers as part of your branding strategy. Around 90% of people are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media. Connect with prospective customers and let them see what your brand is all about and why it’s unique. 

Targeted, eye-catching visual branding

For many consumers, the first glimpse of a brand comes in the form of a logo or a packaging design. If you’re selling products, you want your brand to jump out for the right reasons. The way you present your brand through your logo and product and packaging designs impacts the way customers perceive the business. Every aspect of your visual branding strategy should be relevant to both the target customer and the brand. The logo should be recognizable and impactful and it should resonate with your ideal buyer. Make sure you have a clear picture of your target client when you’re working on designs and test ideas and drafts. Develop packaging designs that create positive first impressions and highlight the benefits of the product. You can use colors, fonts and themes to draw attention to products and tailored content to provide more information. Your branding should always be consistent. Think about the impression you want to create and the emotional response you want to provoke. Branding for a toy company should look very different from branding for a legal firm or bank, for example. 

Giveaways and branded promotional products

Giveaways and branded promotional products are an excellent way to drum up interest if you’re going to an exhibition or you’re attending a fair or a trade show. You can hand out branded freebies or host a competition or prize draw to bring people to your stall or booth and create a buzz around your brand. People respond well to free samples and products they can take home and crowds can grow very quickly. The beauty of giving out branded items like water bottles, reusable cups, sports bags, key rings, pens and lapel pins is that they will continue to promote your brand long after the show. Every time the user goes to the gym with their bag or their flask or they wear a badge or pin to an event, your logo or brand name will be on show for all to see. Match the products you give away or offer as prizes to the target customer and your brand. Cups and mugs are great for cafes and restaurants and brands that make food and drink products. Water bottles and drawstring bags are ideal for sports brands. 

Customer experience

Providing a memorable customer experience is increasingly valuable. Customers today want more than a simple, quick transaction. Many are eager to enjoy the experience of going into a store, shopping online, going out for dinner or having their hair or nails done. As a business owner, you can make your brand more memorable by prioritizing customer experience. Go the extra mile to create a journey or enhance what is traditionally a basic exchange of products for money. Whether you sell products online, or you offer a service or run a store, you can offer more. Add features to your website to personalize the shopping experience. Make your store, salon or restaurant stand out by offering extra services, entertainment or unique perks. From an in-store DJ or photo booth to a welcome drink and VIP seating, there are multiple ways to provide a positive experience. 

As well as enhancing customer experience, it’s beneficial to address issues that impact enjoyment or contribute to stress. If customers have to wait a long time for a table, or your website is slow, for example, these problems could put customers off and affect your reputation. Identify and rectify issues promptly and use reviews and feedback to make improvements. 

Upsell your USP

Consumers often have a wide range of options when they shop for products or look for service providers. Your USP is designed to set you apart. If you offer something different, unique and innovative, it’s essential to tell your customers all about it. Upsell your USP and make sure prospective customers know what separates your brand from your competitors. Make the USP clear on your packaging and product descriptions, write blogs about it and use social media to spread the word. You can share images, guides, video tutorials and demonstrations, FAQs and stories. 

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Creating a memorable brand is important for attracting new customers and turning first-time buyers into regular clients. It can be difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace and create a lasting impression. To ensure that customers remember your brand for all the right reasons, engage with people, build relationships, share your story and let people see the human side of your brand. Use visual branding to draw attention to your business and connect with your target buyer and promote your brand through customized freebies, giveaways and prizes. Upsell your USP, provide a memorable experience and use feedback to address issues and make improvements.