In this day and age in which the cost of living is rising rapidly, more and more people are looking for side hustles to earn a little extra cash. If you own a bicycle and a smartphone, there’s good news. There are several legit side hustle jobs that you can do with just a bike and a phone.

Here are some of the top suggestions that you’ll want to consider.

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Deliver Food

Restaurants and takeout joints are always looking for cyclists to deliver food. All you need is a bicycle to travel to and from customers’ homes and a smartphone to keep in touch with your boss and utilize GPS.

So, if you spend hours at a gym, for instance, you could instead keep fit by cycling while also getting paid to do it.

There are sure to be companies in your local area that require cyclists to deliver food, especially in cities, so spend some time looking at the vacancies in your locality, and then apply for jobs that offer the best pay.

Become a Courier

You also have the option of delivering packages, parcels, letters, and documents by becoming a courier. Again, you only need a cycle and a smartphone to get started.

With the rise in demand for same day courier service and the increase in people ordering items online, there are often lots of positions available for bicycle couriers who can wheel through traffic and deliver items by set deadlines.

So, look around at positions in your local region to find a delivery company that hires bicycle couriers. By working as a courier for just a few hours each week, you can supplement your main income well.

Do Odd Jobs

There are several online sites that connect people who need tasks done with people who are able to carry out those tasks skillfully and efficiently.

While tasks can include all kinds of things, from handyman work to cleaning, many gig marketplaces that provide people with the opportunity of doing odd jobs post jobs that require biking around, such as personal shopping and running errands.

Rent Your Bicycle Out to Other Riders

A great way to gain a passive income is to rent out your bicycle to other riders. It’s well-known that there are sites like Turo that enable you to rent out your car, but there are a growing number of online sites that help you to connect with people who want to rent bicycles.

Spinlister is probably the most well-known platform. People can simply book online or call you on your smartphone to hire your bike for a designated period of time. If you don’t need to use your bicycle every day, renting out your bike to other riders can potentially be a lucrative side hustle.

Deck Your Bicycle Out in Ads

While online advertising is all the rage, some companies will pay you to deck out your bicycle with advertisements, such as fixing lightweight banners on your bike. All you need to do is cruise around busy areas to get paid.

For instance, Ridevert pays up to $280 a month for riding around with an ad banner. Your miles are tracked via the company’s mobile app and you’ll get paid an amount that’s dependent on your mileage.

There are no startup costs. All you need is your bike and smartphone.

Become a Tour Guide

Lastly, an option that many people overlook is becoming a bicycle tour guide. More and more cities that are popular tourist destinations are looking for tour guides who can provide eco-friendly tours on bikes. And this gig can pay well compared to other options.