By David Wood, International speaker, standup comedian and Professional Certified Coach

Thousands of people are finding new freedom by starting online businesses sharing their passions, hobbies, skills and life experiences. With this new freedom, more online business owners are finding mutually beneficial ways to work with nonprofits and charities.

Building a relationship with a charity or nonprofit organization doesn’t just look good, feel good, and do good — it’s good for business, too. By creating a two-way partnership, you can support a cause in a way that gets you more customers and revenue.

Now, you might be thinking giving is something that should be done discreetly, not as a way to boost sales figures or profits. Giving discreetly is wonderful because it can’t be for anything else other than to do something positive.

What I’m suggesting is something you can do in addition to your anonymous giving — a symbiotic relationship that will support a cause and your business at the same time.

When I offered to give away copies of my book Get Paid For Who You Are™, I suggested people consider making an optional donation to two charities: the Rainforest Foundation US, our charity partner founded by Sting and Trudie Styler to help native people save their rainforests, and One Laptop Per Child, which provides computers to needy children around the world. A little over a month after the launch, more than 68,600 people had signed up to claim their free copy while donating more than $58,000 to the charities. Meanwhile, we have generated more than $90,000 in revenues while signing up more than 1,000 to a monthly membership program.

Here are few ways to serve your business and charities at the same time:

Donate your product or service — This is the most basic way to give. You can reach out to staff members, volunteers, beneficiaries or even board members, offering your services or product to them for free, as a prize or as a premium.

Speak at events — Nonprofits and charities always need speakers to train, inspire and entertain their members and donors at fundraisers. Speaking at these events puts you in front of CEOs and other leaders who could hire you to speak, or buy your product or service.

Give a percentage of profits — Donate part of your annual profits to a nonprofit or charity, but try to do this as a partnership, creating an agreement for what they will do in return. Donating a portion of your profits to a charity is an amazing gesture and the nonprofit has an interest in you increasing sales. More profits mean more donations. Nonprofits will often agree to mention your business in their Web sites and newsletters, press releases, direct mailings and other publicity. When you partner with a nonprofit it can definitely increase your credibility. When you mention on your Web site that a portion of your proceeds support the local humane society or soup kitchen, you’ll generate good will and trust. The organization can also reach out to its members on your behalf, which will help generate sales.

Serving your business and charities at the same time goes hand in hand. The more profit you can generate, the more you have to donate. What better way is there to serve the world and enjoy lifestyle freedom than getting paid for who you are?

About the Author: International speaker, standup comedian and Professional Certified Coach David Wood is the author of Get Paid for Who You Are™ and a coauthor of the bestselling book Guerilla Marketing on the Front Lines. His tried and true methods for freeing oneself from the shackles of the timecard have been the inspiration for many people to gain a lifestyle of freedom and contribution. Learn more at