Are you interested in learning how to set up a mobile website?

Believe it or not, putting together a mobile website is actually pretty simple. Here are the steps we used in putting together the 60 Second Marketer iPhone website:

  1. Ask Your Designer to Install a Browser Re-direct: Ask your web designer to install a browser re-direct feature onto your website. All this is is a line of code that “sniffs” out whether your visitor is coming from a large regular browser or a smaller mobile browser. In many cases, your visitors will be coming from a regular PC, but in some cases, they’ll be coming from a smart phone. With a browser re-direct feature, your website will be able to re-direct mobile users to the pages on your website that were set up to be viewed in a mobile browser. (An alternative that works for other mobile platforms like Blackberry and Android is to set up a separate site on a .mobi domain or an m. (m dot) sub domain.)
  2. Redesign Key Pages: In most cases, you’ll want your mobile website to be a smaller version of your regular website. After all, visitors are typically looking for a few key pieces of information — directions to your store, information about your services, special offers, etc. In our case, we set up the 60 Second Marketer iPhone website with 6 key pages — Videos, Blog, 100 Top Mobile Apps, Social Media Glossary, Bookstore and Speaking.
  3. Install Mobile Plugins for Your Blog: I use WordPress for my blogging platform. It’s a wonderful platform and very easy to use. They have a plugin called WPTouch that reformats the blog so that it’s mobile friendly. It’s a terrific Plugin and very easy to install.
  4. Upload your Website: That’s all there is to it. Oh, sure, there are a few twists and turns along the way, but creating a mobile website is really not all that hard. Go ahead, give it a try!

Why don’t you take a spin through the 60 Second Marketer mobile website? Just grab your Smart Phone, open your web browser and type in You’ll automatically be re-directed to our mobile website.


Posted by Jamie Turner, Chief Content Officer of the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine of BKV Digital and Direct Response. You can order Jamie’s new book today by clicking How to Make Money with Social Media.