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15 Additional Resources for People Who Want to Learn More About Google+

Last week, we wrote a post called What You Need to Know About Google+. In it, we gave a quick summary of what Google+ is, how you can use it and where it’s headed.

Raphael Ravilla, who is a new and emerging media expert at BKV Digital and Direct Response (one of our sponsors), provided some additional background information as well as a list of resources for people who want to take a deeper dive into Google+.

Here’s Raphael’s bullet point introduction to Google+:

  • Google+ is a project aiming to make sharing on the web more like sharing in the real world
  • The Google+ project launched in Field Trial last Thursday in 44 languages. Field Trial includes a limited number of people who will receive an invite to sign up and join the project. Shortly thereafter, these early Google+ users will then be permitted to invite others, and usage will grow
  • The +1 button was the first product released as part of the Google+ project. The +1 button helps provide recommendations to friends and contacts on Google search. Now, in addition to +1’ing pages across the web, people can also use +1 to show their support for posts in Google+
  • They currently do not offer advertising opportunities in Google+

Here’s more in-depth information about Google+ from Raphael: Google + has launched in field trial (very limited invites and now closed until further invites are opened up).  There are currently no advertising opportunities on the paid side within this new platform.  The key point of the platform is that everything is better with a social layer on top of it.  It started with the +1 button for search, but is now made available in numerous formats, including private circles that can be used to group your friends, colleagues, etc. into specific sharing groups—across chat, mobile, video, content, etc.

Keep in mind the possibilities of grass roots tactics that can be used to leverage this platform outside a paid media approach once there is scale and adoption (if there will be—you all remember Google Wave which was their first attempt that flopped—but this looks promising).

And, finally, here are some additional resources Raphael mentioned:

Introductory Information


Product Demo Videos


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