On Wednesday, Facebook announced that companies and organizations will be able to update their Pages to use Facebook’s new Timeline feature. This is a relatively important update and one that you may want to put on your To Do list for the next week or so.

I’ve already updated the 60 Second Marketer Facebook page. You can also see what the New York Times, Starbucks and Coldplay have done.

Next Steps for You: If you’re the Facebook administrator for your page, login to your account. There, you’ll see a message with a “Start Tour” button. It’s a short tutorial that does a good job of helping you understand the latest changes to Facebook.

From there, you’ll want to upload a new cover photo. Most companies are using big, bold photographs in their cover photos, which seems to work well. According to HubSpot, the cover photo dimensions are 851×315 pixels.

You’ll also want to set your profile picture which can act like a little logo for your page. It should be 180×180 pixels and should look good when scaled down to 32×32 pixels.

Once you’ve done this initial set-up, you’ll want to customize your Facebook page functionality by touring the new Page design. The step-by-step process will take some time to go through, but in the end, it’ll help you improve your visitor’s experiences with your Page.

The bottom line. It can get a little frustrating when Facebook makes changes like these, but it’s part of their strategy to keep things fresh and constantly updated.

It’s your job to leverage these changes so that your brand stands out from your competitors’ brands.

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Posted by Jamie Turner, Founder of the 60 Second Marketer and co-author of “How to Make Money with Social Media” and “Go Mobile.He is also a popular marketing speaker at events, trade shows and corporations around the globe.