Not long ago, the folks at Domo conducted research with to evaluate the extent to which top business leaders are embracing social media. Their findings were rather interesting. Here’s what was reported in their white paper, which can be downloaded here.

“After analyzing the data, we found — with the exception of LinkedIn — CEOs from Fortune 500 companies lagged far behind the general population in terms of social media participation.

After searching Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, we concluded 70% of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies have no presence at all on social networks.

Why should CEOs be interested in social media? According to a recent survey of employees by Brandfog:

  • 77% believe a social CEO will increase business purchases
  • 78% want to work for a social CEO
  • 81% believe social CEOs are better leaders
  • 82% believe social CEOs are more trustworthy
  • 93% believe social CEOs are better equipped for crisis management
  • 94% believe social CEOs will enhance the company’s brand

A separate study conducted by IBM suggests 16% of all CEOs in the U.S. are using social media to communicate with customers. That number should balloon to 57% within 3 to 5 years.

So, while the majority of CEOs have yet to pick up the pace in their personal social media efforts, it seems as those who do will be better equipped to successfully grow their companies. And with both employees and customers clamoring for connection and clarity, CEOs who commit themselves to social media are more likely to be rewarded with better engagement and loyalty at every level.”

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