This may come as a surprise to you, but branding is dead. At least the 20th century version of branding is dead. The good news is that it’s been replaced by something better for your business.

If you have one minute and 18 seconds, I’d encourage you to watch the short video below (which is also available on our YouTube channel). In it, we discuss the 20th century version of branding and how it has evolved in the 21st century. By applying some of the new branding techniques that are currently being used by Starbucks, Apple, Google and others, you’ll be able to change your approach and, hopefully, see a growth in sales as a result.

Enjoy the video. It’s a little over a minute long, but it has a concept about branding in it that just might transform your business.

P.S. We’ll be talking about this technique in the webinar I’m doing on Thursday called “SHIFT: How to Turn Your Marketing Program into a Revenue Engine.” See you there!