By now, you’ve got a handle on how to use tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to grow your sales and revenues. You probably use them every day or every week to engage prospects and turn them into customers.

But the question remains — what do you do now? How can you get more from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Or, more specifically, how can you share more posts on social media while spending less time on social media?

We may have an answer for you. It’s called Swayy. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Swayy is a content discovery tool that serves you content that you can share with your fans and followers.

Today, Swayy serves 20,000 social media managers, brands, and agencies and recommends over 4 million pieces of content each month.

Here’s how to get started using Swayy:

Step 1 — Sign Up Using a Social Profile

First, sign up for the free version. That’s right it’s FREE! You can do that by simply entering your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn information.


Step 2 — Track What Your Audience is Interested in

What’s next? Well, the cool thing is that Swayy will crawl through your shares and tweets along with the your audience’s reactions and retweets and provide you with “Your Trending Sources,” “Topics Matched For Your Audience,” and actual posts by other people that your audience might be interested in.

The neat thing about Swayy is that you don’t have to leave the platform to share that information. You can simply retweet or share the video, article, or post to your followers through your dashboard.

Since Swayy is a new tool, the founders are constantly improving it. Swayy is now launching an advanced Linked Integration which will let you share content on your LinkedIn personal pages as well as the company page. As Lior Degani explains, “To connect to your company’s page you simply have to go to the connected accounts on the left panel, and click on the LinkedIn tab. Then, choose between your personal profile and the pages your manage. That’s it. Your page is connected and all content you chose to post to LinkedIn will be published as a company update and your company followers will see.”

That was easy!

Step 3 — Post to a Group

Another interesting feature is that you can post on your pages and groups that you manage. All the groups will automatically sync themselves and you can post to them as you would normally do. To post on the group through the dashboard, you can “open the share widget, check the Linked tab, and choose a group from the drop-down menu.” Wow, all the groups at your finger tips!

Sway is a platform that you can use not only for your own company pages, but also for your client’s pages. If you’re part of an agency, you can choose to upgrade to Swayy’s agency package or business package, which will let you connect multiple accounts and manage through the various dashboards.

Of course, at the end of the day this platform is only going to be worth it if we are able to see some progress in consumer engagement. To help us keep track of it, Swayy provides it’s business and agency account users with realtime analytics, weekly analytics reports, and advanced content dashboard. This ought to keep us on our toes to stay ahead of the curve.

Well what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and become content leaders! To check out Swayy, click here.

About the Author: 

Shenaz Lilywala writes for the 60 Second Marketer and 60 Second Communications.  She finished her BBA from Goizueta Business School of Emory University in December 2013 in Marketing and Organization & Management and is seeking full time employment in marketing and/or project management.