It may be a shocking statement, but it’s true: women run the social media game. We learned this from an infographic that Ruby Media Corporation created for While the demographics are very close for several networks, women outrank men in terms of numbers for nearly every top platform. And not only that, but women are running these companies, too! But what does this mean for marketers?

It means that — wait for it — you need to be marketing to women! As obvious as that answer is, it’s the key to making sure you’re reaching most of your audience. If you’re working in a gender-neutral industry (NOT the Dollar Shave Club or HelloFlo, for example) and it comes down to a decision between something that appeals more to men or more to women, go with the gals.

Still not convinced? Here are some key statistics from the image:

  • Female usage dominates almost every major network (except LinkedIn).
  • Women use social media more frequently than men.
  • Women are more likely to interact with brands on social media than men are.
  • Women are leading the charge toward mobile use of social platforms (this one surprised us!)

About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.