We at the 60 Second Marketer have partnered with AWeber, the authority in email marketing, on a mobile marketing research project. The report will be out soon, but we’ve decided to whet your whistle with this infographic reflecting the key takeaways of the research.

As prevalent as mobile is, did you know that 1/3 businesses still aren’t using any form of mobile marketing? That includes having a mobile website. And that’s not the only interesting fact from the research, either. Here are some of the infographic’s highlights:

  • 2/3 businesses can’t or don’t know how to measure the ROI of their mobile marketing campaigns (but we do!).
  • Time, money, and especially know-how are the 3 biggest setbacks for companies hoping to expand their mobile presence.
  • 1/3 businesses spend less than ONE HOUR per week on mobile marketing!

Check out the full infographic here. Feel free to share it on your own blog, and make sure you link back to the 60 Second Marketer and to AWeber! And check back here in a few weeks to see the full report on mobile marketing.


About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.