We’re kicking off a new video series on the 60 Second Marketer. It’s called The Digital Minute and it’s sponsored by 4INFO, a marketing platform that helps advertisers drive results in their mobile and cross-channel campaigns by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Our first video interview was conducted with Katie Casavant who is the CEO of Kantar Shopcom. In the interview, which can be seen below, Katie talks about addressable campaigns, which can target different consumers across platforms based on their purchase behaviors.

In other words, you can send a dog owner living at 123 Smith Street a TV, mobile and desktop campaign for dog food while their cat loving neighbor living at 124 Smith Street sees a TV, mobile and desktop campaign for cat food.

Better still, you can track the results of the campaigns back to the store level. In other words, you can target the ads based on purchase behaviors, then track wether or not the person ended up buying the product at their local grocery store.

These are amazing times. To learn more about this technique and others, watch Katie’s full interview below. And if you’d like to watch the complete series with interviews from other leading experts like Michael Becker, Jamie Power, Chuck Martin and others, visit The Digital Minute page on the 60 Second Marketer website.


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