You’re probably already aware of Snapchat—and that’s great.

In just a few years, this social media platform has grown—and grown and grown. Current users gobble up about 10 billion—yes billion—daily video views, and upload about 9,000 Snaps each and every second of every day. But whether you’re aware of Snapchat and whether you’re taking advantage of Snapchat for your business are two different things.

Snapchat occupies a unique place in any community-building strategy. You’re able to reach a different type of audience than the same one on other social media platforms such as Facebook, for example.

To do that, though, you need to approach it with the same mindset: Create your goals and set out a plan. With that in mind, here’s an infographic from our friends at Salesforce to help you understand how to properly set up Snapchat and take advantage of the tools that are built into this social media platform.

Creative Snapchat Marketing: Learn How to Recreate Others' Success Infographic