As businesses grow, so do their marketing efforts. While growth and expansion are very exciting endeavors, processes tend to become time-intensive and complicated to manage from a marketing perspective. Thankfully, there are various tools available to enterprises that drastically streamline marketing processes to ensure brand consistency and integrity remain intact.

These tools – known collectively as marketing resource management – help align people, process, and technology to support marketing activities and improve marketing effectiveness. The ideal enterprise marketing resource management tool addresses and alleviates four key marketing pain points. Let’s take a closer look:

Enforce Brand Standards

On-demand and permission-based marketing resource management solutions like MarcomCentral offer your team round the clock access to the latest approved and branded materials, ensuring all external facing communications are brand compliant. These materials include media assets, imagery and content guidelines and take the guesswork out of marketing for all employees and franchisees.

Customize Marketing Assets

Marketing resource management solutions enable your workforce to be creative while remaining brand compliant, too. Users with access to the portal can leverage customizable layouts to tailor their digital assets as they see fit. This gives your workforce the freedom to craft marketing material that uniquely speaks to their audience and gives your business the peace of mind that all messaging is on-brand.

Materials that can be customized via marketing resource management solutions include emails, web pages, proposals, direct mailers, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Distribute Content Quickly

Generally speaking, as a society we’ve become accustomed to having all the information and resources we need at our fingertips. At a moment’s notice, we’re able to coordinate and complete almost any task imaginable. With a comprehensive marketing resource management solution, the same can now be said for all of your company’s marketing materials. Users have immediate access to necessary materials that can be instantly downloaded, emailed or printed. Whatever the request or need, users can quickly disseminate the appropriate pre-approved information to key stakeholders.

Empower Your Workforce

By implementing a one-stop marketing shop via your marketing resource management tool, your distributors, franchisees, agents, field marketers, and sales reps will always have immediate access to corporate-approved marketing materials. Marketing no longer acts as a bottleneck to the overall sales process and your workforce is able to flourish as a result.