When Gumtree announced they were replacing their logo design for something more relevant to its digital platform, many people probably uttered the words “about time”.

Let’s face it, the old logo was dated to say the least. It did not captivate the hearts and minds of potential Gumtree users. However, we can say now, with total conviction that the new Gumtree logo, truly reflects and cultivates its online community.

Gumtree enlisted the help of design pioneers, Koto to deliver a logo that met three criteria. The new logo had to embody simplicity, digital and modern elements.

Even more impressive for the cool cats at Koto, is that they only had a very tight three month deadline to perform market research, come up with a number of prototypes and settle on a final design.

So, more about the logo itself?

To see how impressive the new logo is, we need to compare with its predecessor. The original design embodied a eucalyptus tree with many different colours. As gum trees belong to the Eucalypt family, we could see where they were going with this.

The organization of the old logo was a little chaotic for a modern online marketplace and lacked impact. In the market research conducted before the rebrand, results highlighted that many Gumtree customers had negative feelings towards the old logo.

Gumtree Australia Old Logo

Now, onto the new! The tree remains and is still an important representation of the Gumtree brand, symbolising stability and growth.

However, it is now minimal and sleek. Way more aligned to the digital progression we expect from an online giant like Gumtree.

Koto used very simple geometric shapes to represent the tree, with an almost neon green color to contrast against the darker colors of bark, leaf, berry, branch, myrtle, moss and blade. The colors alone are much more modern and cool.

Gumtree ‘Tree’ From New Logo Source: Wikipedia

Even more important, is the new logo is much more functional. 80% of Gumtree customers use the website from their mobile, and the logo is optimised for mobile devices.

It is small, but memorable and not too busy. Quite simply, it reflects the customer’s needs for Gumtree as a whole. People demand quick, efficient and clean exchanges on Gumtree which the new logo perfectly embodies.

Source: Pixabay

With an influx of positive feedback from designers, users and bloggers alike, it is clear that Gumtree listened to their customers and provided something that fit the wants and needs of the modern digital world. Not only have they gained respect from the rebrand, but they are one to watch!