We all have a vision for our lives. Some people have very specific visions (e.g., I want to write a book about business and travel the globe speaking about the book), and other people have broader, less specific visions (e.g., I want to find peace and happiness).

No matter what kind of vision you have for your life — a specific one or a broad one — there’s a simple little technique for achieving your vision that you might want to consider using.

I talk about it in the short, 60-second video below. Check it out — and let me know if it’s of help to you!

About the Author: Jamie Turner is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, and CEO. You’ll find him on the 60 Second Marketer and as an expert commentator on network TV. He is also the founder of SIXTY, a marketing consultancy and advisory firm that helps clients get more bang for their marketing buck.