The ability to write effective sales copy for your gaming website is an invaluable asset. Even small modifications to existing copy can increase your engagement significantly. Get the fundamentals right when launching a campaign, and you’re in an excellent position for success and profit.

Where games like roulette, poker and slots are concerned, a key aim is to encourage paying players to join, and recreational ‘play-money’ gamers to step up to real money. Every element of your copy should directly support this mission, from pulling in the initial audience, to demonstrating the benefits of moving up a level. (Of course, responsible gaming should always be encouraged too). Be sure to create a tiered system for players, with stakes available from micro to high stakes.

The first image you give to the customer is crucial. As an example, the decision to play or not an online poker tournament is usually taken while looking at the initial webpage, where the main information appear: prize pool, number of players involved and duration of the game.

Bonuses, especially sign-up bonuses which offer free bets, are extremely effective for gaming sites. Make the sales content short and snappy, and create a visually pleasing widget so that any bonuses are easily seen and acted upon.

Along with the static sales content on your gaming website, you also want to create a network of useful and informative content around niche subjects. Examples include poker strategy and bankroll management, news from the gaming world, articles outlining recent site promotions, and blog posts aimed at connecting with your reader, building trust and rapport. This content should be shared with a thriving social media audience.

Go beyond simple descriptions of your product or service by using stories, anecdotes, statistics, or even appropriate jokes in your copy. Use your imagination to keep the reader interested and thirsty to know more.

The tone of your copy should sound personal and comfortable to the reader, as if they were having a conversation with an old friend. Warm, friendly copy gives the reader the sense that they are receiving advice or learning from a trusted source, lowering their resistance and encouraging them to play for money.

Speaking of lowering any resistance, you should also anticipate any questions or objections that readers may have and tackle them head on in your copy. Many concerns around gaming are related to security, so be sure to have a detailed section in an FAQ to cover this.

Look to competitors and successful sites to understand what they offer, and how you can make improvements to your own content marketing approach. 888 Poker picked up ‘poker marketing campaign of the year’ awards with their approach of engaging, user-friendly content.

Remember, the mission for any sales copy is to draw in the customer with the offer and then close the sale, and this is true of your gaming site. To accomplish this, try incorporating these tips into your marketing campaign. You’ll likely see a nice bump in sales for your efforts.