In this day and age, many business professionals will agree that not using social media marketing to promote their company or brand is a wasted opportunity. After all, social media for business marketing is not only a cost-effective, convenient and easy way to spread the word about a business, it’s also one of the fastest, most natural and most effective ways to interact with consumers.

You likely know all this, but believe it or not, there are still some small businesses – more than you might think – who have absolutely no social media presence at all. Why?  There are three main reasons. Some companies are too…

  • Slow to adopt new technology.
  • Hesitant or too skeptical to try something new and take a chance on tech they don’t understand.
  • Busy to commit to social media or even know it exists.

24% of small businesses don’t use social media

Almost a quarter of small businesses are missing out on social media marketing, according to Small Business Trends.

The popular independent online small business publication reported that a 2017 Small Business Social Media Survey from Clutch revealed that 24% of small businesses have zero social media presence. This means a shocking one in four small business owners aren’t benefiting from any form of social media.

What’s more, even among those small businesses who are on social media, the Clutch data shows that less than half of them are actually using their social media presence consistently.

So, while a local restaurant, a plumber, an app developer or an online casino might be on Facebook or Twitter, there’s a good chance that the last post any of these infrequent users made was a few weeks ago to advertise a promotion. Infrequent activity leads to a relatively dormant page and this page isn’t likely to attract attention.

Facebook is the social media of choice for 90% of small businesses

Interestingly, of all the social media options out there, Facebook seems to be the favorite of small businesses. The Clutch report found that 90% of small businesses with a social media presence had a Facebook page.

Even though Facebook isn’t always the best choice for local businesses (Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest may be better), Facebook seems to be the social media giant that everyone knows.

Facebook also appears to be where most marketers plan to increase their marketing efforts. This is evident from the MarketingChart’s “Social Media Marketing – Platform Trends chart”, which illustrates that 67% of the 5,085 marketers who took part in a global survey planned to boost their Facebook efforts compared to 74% who had no plans to utilize social media platform SnapChat at all.

Why social media may not be the best choice for everyone

It just makes good business sense to have a social media presence, right? For the most part, yes, but unless a company is participating in social media correctly, it could actually end up doing more harm than good for some businesses.

According to an article on Marketing Land – “5 Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be On Social Media” – social media might not be the best marketing strategy for some companies.

For instance, if you don’t post updates regularly and if you only make posts but don’t respond and interact with users, you’re not connecting with your target audience. You’re missing out on generating interest about your brand as well as a prime opportunity to listen to what customers have to say and obtain feedback. This feedback is valuable and often better than what can be obtained via a more expensive and time-consuming focus group.

Another reason why social media may be harmful to a company is if the wrong social media platform is selected.

For instance, while LinkedIn  is a great platform for networking, it’s not exactly the best place for a roofing company to target new customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are far better choices where most companies can post industry-related content as well as personalized posts using written content, images and video.

In essence, in order for social media to work for a business, it needs to be worth the while of both the company and the consumer. If the right effort isn’t put into social media, it becomes a pointless marketing strategy.

Social media improves business survival rate

Social media might not be for everyone, but the bottom line is that if you want your business to succeed, it won’t excel without social media. In fact, it might not even survive. An estimated 2 billion people (over a quarter of the planet) are on social media. As hard as technological change may be to adopt, companies who choose to act like social media doesn’t exist will suffer for it. Social is the present and the future of any business – big or small.

About the Author: Valentine Ferrari is a professional content writer for VegasMaster, an online gambling magazine reporting on the latest, most interesting and most relevant information related to land-based, online and social gambling.