Customer relations is one of the most important aspects to running a business. Unless your product is truly one-of-a-kind, people won’t be loyal to your brand if you don’t provide them with a positive experience. Smart businesses owners realize this, and take any steps necessary to ensure total client satisfaction. There are several ways cloud ERP can improve customer relations.

What Is Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP software is a subscription-based service that helps businesses organize their various departments, offices and operations onto one user-friendly platform.

Like all cloud services, cloud ERP runs over the Internet, so it can be accessed anywhere there’s a connection. There are several aspects of cloud ERP that allow businesses to function more efficiently. Increasing back-end productivity is key to improving the customer experience.

Superior Data Protection

Cloud ERP can aid customer relations by protecting your data. You’ve probably been told at some point not to store sensitive data on the Internet. While there’s some merit to this advice, it doesn’t necessarily apply for cloud ERP software. In fact, cloud ERP is generally more secure than an old-school, on-premise ERP system. This is because the people who operate cloud ERP services have a high vested interest in keeping your data extremely safe.

If they were constantly being hacked, no one would want to let them house their information, which would effectively render their product useless.

Additionally, the people who keep data safe at cloud ERP providers are some of the industry’s best in online security. They are typically much more capable than the average IT department. Your customers want their data to be safe. You can ensure this by employing cloud ERP software.

Pass Savings on to Customers

There are a few ways your business can save money by switching to cloud ERP software. When you save money on expenditures, you can pass some of that on to customers. Lowering prices is one of the best ways to improve customer relations. Here’s how cloud ERP can save your business money:

  • Automate Certain Repeating Tasks: Automation is one of the best ways for companies to cut back on expenses. ERP accounting software can automate some jobs involved with payroll. There are also some human resources responsibilities that can be done through ERP software.
  • Increase Efficiency through Data: Cloud ERP software is one of the best platforms available to companies that want to gain more relevant data insights. Organizations can use real-time data derived from cloud ERP-connected devices to improve workflows and boost productivity. Integrated data from all corners of a business compiled onto a cloud ERP can also provide a basis for future action.
  • Lower Staffing Needs: Your business won’t incur as many expenses if it has to pay fewer employees. As already stated, cloud ERP can automate certain jobs, which lowers staffing requirements. Companies that use cloud ERP software also don’t need to hire as robust of an IT department because most issues can be solved through 24/7 customer support from the ERP provider.
  • You Don’t Need to Invest in IT Hardware: With an on-premise ERP solution, organizations need to have their own in-house servers to run the platform, which can be a hefty upfront cost. This is not the case with cloud ERP services, since all storage is done on the cloud, you don’t have to pay for expensive hardware.

If you want to improve customer relations, there are few better ways than by lowering your costs. This can help build loyalty to your business. Cutting costs and improving safety are two of the most prevalent ways cloud ERP software can help you on the customer relations front.