After nearly six months of qualitative and quantitative research, I’ve completed an in-depth study of 100 top motivational speakers from around the globe.

When I decided to do research on motivational speakers, I realized that the term “motivational speaker” was much broader than I originally thought. So, I re-framed the definition to mean “any speaker who moves the audience’s state from one place to another (preferably positive) state.” Then, I spent the next six months emailing several thousand meeting planners, event planners, and conference planners. I asked them to name the top speakers they had come across in their careers.

The results of the study can be seen by clicking the link at the top of this post. As a bonus, I’ve included a link in the post to a PDF that provides all of the details you’re looking for in a handy, print-friendly edition.

Enjoy the post. And let me know if there are any top motivational speakers you think I missed in the list I’ve provided!

Image of Jamie Turner, Motivational Speaker and AuthorAbout the Author: Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and CEO who speaks about business, digital media, and leadership at events, conferences, and corporations around the globe. He has been profiled in one of the world’s best selling marketing textbooks, is the author of several business books, and can be seen regularly on CNN and HLN. He can be reached at +1-678-313-3472 or via email at [email protected].