In an environment where social media is king, creating an effective email marketing campaign is essential to any marketing effort. Email campaigns provide the perfect blend of technologies in building consumer relationships, generating leads, increasing traffic, and collecting useful data.

For first-timers, email marketing can be a daunting undertaking. Even so, below are our six tips to help you grow your business, increase revenues, and stay ahead of your competition.

Tip #1: Identify the Right E-Marketing Platform

Several email marketing platforms are available for use. Some include features such as affiliate programs, sales force management, email campaigns, and shopping carts. Others offer complete campaign and database management capabilities.

Given all that, you need to identify the functionality you require as well as comparing the different platforms. In this regard, you should opt for a vendor that provides user support, guides, and training.

Tip # 2: Create a List

Whether your list is large or small, you need to follow up with potential customers. You can do so by adding these emails to a database to help you launch your marketing campaign. Try to keep the amount of sent emails to a reasonable minimum as not to overwhelm your clients. Remember an email marketing campaign is not about the quantity. Instead, it’s about the quality.

Tip # 3: Utilize Capture Forms

Have an information capture page on your site. This should prompt visitors for details such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. With capture forms, you can contact of hitherto unknown potential consumers. Besides, they help you build your contact list from scratch.

But how do you entice new consumers to subscribe to your email campaign? Here are a few incentives to help you do so:

  • Create compelling email content: only curate and send the best content from your site or blog to your contacts.
  • Offer first order discounts: for those who have an online store, bundle discounts with the first order for subscribing to your email list. First order discounts act as incentives for subscription as well as purchases.
  • Offer free shipping deals: bundling free shipping deals with a customer’s purchase is an excellent way of encouraging subscription to your list. Free shipping is highly appropriate, especially during checkouts. The ability to receive purchases fast and conveniently is an enticing motive for subscribing.

Tip # 4: Have a Goal in Mind

Decide what you need to accomplish with your marketing campaign. Consider whether you need to enhance the quality of your relationships, educate consumers, or explain the sales process.

Besides that, what is your reason for sending emails? Before sending the initial emails have a clear goal in mind and align your campaign with this purpose.

Tip # 5: Customize E-mail Copy and Relevant Imagery

Research indicates that adults have an attention span of about eight seconds. As a result, most people never read your campaign copy word for word. Instead, a majority of adults scan through looking for an item of interest. Thus, avoid drafting long email copies.

Then again, you should structure your email copy to capture people’s attention. For example, you could use the pyramid model to capture and direct the reader’s attention to the call for action.

Tip #6: Simplify the Conversion Process

To encourage subscriber click-throughs, make it easy for them to do so. Remember that 41% of emails are accessed using mobile devices; hence you need to optimize emails for these platforms. Failure to optimize content for mobile devices hinders the goal of your email campaign. Utilize responsive designs that allow for the stacking of content when viewed on a mobile device. Use reasonably sized fonts and buttons to make the subscription process effortless as well as seamless.

Tip # 7: Use Autoresponder to Follow Up On Emails

Designate a minimum of six emails with scheduled automatic responses on preset dates and times. Keep your emails short, succinct, and on-point. Avoid sales pitchy content in your emails. Instead, use autoresponder to build consumer trust and relationships initially, and conversions will follow. Include links to auto-respond emails providing more information that engages the consumer’s interest as well as delivering marketing information.

Tip # 8: Embed Triggers within Emails

Embed links within sent emails that when clicked initiate the sending of message about similar products or services. Triggers are helpful in leading consumers to a new SMR Digital sales cycle.

Tip # 9: Follow-up on Results

The majority of email marketing platforms provide data analytic capabilities, so utilize them! This will help you determine which approach has a higher impact on your contacts. Be attentive to click through rates (CTR), opening rates (OR) as well as unsubscribes. Analytics will help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign. Use collected data to help you segment your contacts into targeted groups.

In conclusion, a subscriber email list is an essential element of any marketing campaign effort. An email campaign’s success depends on the amount of effort and time expended. Capably managing this list as well as the email campaign will eventually translate to real results.

Practical application of these tips will help capture people’s’ attention, provide useful information while making the conversion process easy. Keep it in mind that email marketing is a powerful tool for driving sales and increasing revenue. A well-thought email campaign can help you reach a broad audience and ensure greater ROIs than other marketing channels.