Running a good blog on your site is a brilliant way to bring in extra traffic and build trust between you and your customers, which will help to increase sales. But no blog is complete without good content and if you’re just posting rubbish articles all the time, you won’t see any of the benefits. To help you get the best content on your blog, here is a recipe for the perfect post.

A Point

The first thing to decide on is, what is the point of this article? Are you trying to teach the reader something, inform them of industry changes or advertise a new product? Whatever it is, you need to make sure that the post has a clear focus, otherwise, readers will come away with no lasting impression of your company and they won’t feel that your blog has any value.


Search engine optimization is one of the major advantages of having a blog on your site because it will drive more customers to you. If you aren’t writing blog posts with AdWords and SEO in mind, you’re missing a big opportunity.

You’ve got to be careful with your keywords though because the algorithms that decide search engine rankings are very complex and if you just pack an article full of keywords for the sake of it, you’ll actually go down in the ratings. Make sure that you’re including them, but only where it actually makes sense in a sentence and always limit yourself so you don’t go overboard on it.


Structure is something that’s often overlooked by people writing blog posts but a lack of structure makes it harder to read and you won’t get your point across as effectively. Always break ideas into separate paragraphs, with a good introduction and conclusion.

Make your point at the start of a paragraph, then explain it. Repeat this with each point, and then sum up in your conclusion. This will help readers to follow your ideas and understand them, this is key if you want them to come away feeling as though they’ve learned useful information.

Spelling And Grammar

Correct spelling and grammar are vital in any blog post, you’re trying to paint yourself as a professional after all. If readers see spelling errors, they immediately get the impression that you’re careless because you haven’t even bothered to check the post before putting it up. That judgment of your company spreads wider than your blog and they’ll be reluctant to buy products from you.

If you can’t even be bothered to check blog posts for spelling errors, how much time are you putting into your manufacturing or shipping processes? Always run your blog post through a spellchecker before putting it on your site, it takes a couple of minutes but skipping that step could mean losing sales.


People tend to respond better to visual content than they do to text alone. That’s why it’s important that you put images or video in all of your posts. Even if it’s just one, people will be far more likely to click on the post and read it if there’s an image on there.

These 5 ingredients come together to make a perfect blog post every time, so make sure you’re using them all.