Young marketers are becoming more and more ambitious. As part of recent studies, graduates are taught a sense of confidence and desire for achievement that their predecessors only developed on the job. As a result, most young marketers are desperate to tackle additional responsibilities and managerial duties as early as possible in their careers.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to move from being a team-player to becoming a team leader. HR departments are reluctant to promote young employees into decision-making roles. However, you can improve your chances of moving higher in the marketing hierarchy pyramid with some strategic actions. Ultimately, advancing your career is about getting yourself noticed for all the right reasons, from marketing tech to business knowledge.

1. Create an app and promote it

There’s an app for everything. You’ll be even surprised to know that creating your own app is a lot easier than it seems. In fact, you can even find software tools such as Mobilroller App Maker that don’t require any coding skills to get started. In short, if you have an idea, you can make an app for it. However, the primary challenge you’ll face is to promote your app effectively. Using video to showcase your app in use can make a great deal of difference. Most people want to see screenshots, tutorials, and even troubleshooting videos.

2. Put a new degree in your resumé

You already are in a marketing function, why do you need a degree to move toward management roles? The answer is simple: You need to prove that you are prepared to move up the corporate ladder. Not every degree is relevant, so you will need to be choosy and ask yourself: What can I do with an Associate of Arts Degree? Or with any other degree. An Associate of Arts degree, for instance, can prepare you for advancement in your field and provide the ability to unlock high salary opportunities in the long term.

3. Develop your expert brand

The best way to get noticed is to share your expertise and your tips with an audience group. Blogs and vlogs are highly popular platforms for experts and influencers. You’ll find that some subjects work better with the imagery of a vlog, while others require the text-base comfort of a blog. Ultimately, you will also find that discussing trends and new ideas can be better suited for a podcast platform. You are in charge of defining what works best for you – at the end of the day, it’s about conveying your message confidently.

4. Go beyond Analytics

Anybody who works with a website has heard of Google Analytics. You can easily use the free training from Google to receive your Analytics certificate – which you can complete with the relevant AdWords training too. But, the majority of marketers know how to make the most of Google Analytics. If you want to get noticed, you need to provide data interpreting skills that can go beyond standard data analysis. Mastering Google API lets you automate reporting charts and set up bidding strategies on AdWords. Besides you save yourself a lot of time in the process!

Moving your marketing career forward requires skills. Indeed, you need to earn the trust of the HR team by demonstrating your use and understanding of modern marketing and business strategies.