Many successful businesses have gone to great heights to ensure their brand name is well recognized. And in this day and age, being successful in business requires you to have a marketing plan that includes a variety of strategies. For starters, the modern business world requires you to have a proper marketing plan that includes common digital marketing approaches such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.

It’s an internet world and without putting your best effort in these areas of marketing, your business will barely make it through the first few years of inception. This is attributed to an ever-increasing use of the internet around the world. But then again, your marketing strategy can barely be complete without the good old traditional methods, especially when it comes to creating a brand name for local businesses.

Along with things such as business cards, flyers, and brochures – signboards and displays are among the most effective traditional marketing tools. Done well, business display signs can be a silent but very effective marketing agent for your business. However, business signs and displays will only play to your advantage when you use the right signs and work with a professional signage service provider like National Neon Business Signs & Displays. But how exactly do you go about choosing the right display signs for your business?

Here are some helpful tips on choosing a sign for your business for a successful marketing strategy:

Get The Display Location Right

For your business sign to have the best effect on your prospects and capture the attention of as many people as possible, the display location has to be one that maximizes the signboard’s visibility. In other words, it should be a location that makes your display easy to spot. You do not want your customers to get lost while trying to locate your office or store. This makes it important to consider whether or not to include direction or physical address details on the signage, especially if your chosen location is a bit distant from the actual store or business premises. In addition to these, it is also important to understand the local rules and regulations that may affect your location choice. Most importantly, choose a location that will catch the attention as many people as possible, with more focus on your target and potential clientele.

Pick the Right Content That Best Represents Your Business

In this respect, business display signs are in many ways similar to modern marketing forms like content marketing, social media marketing, website marketing, and email marketing. As a matter of fact, even social media marketing allows you to place banners on your profile pages, group chat pages and the like. Among the many things they share in common, is that the message you pass across to your audience is what matters most. If this message is delivered consistently, your marketing and branding campaign stand a higher chance of being successful.

It is important that when choosing a display sign, you consider one that includes content that is consistent with the rest of your marketing approaches as well as your company logo and brand name. The same case applies to the colors and fonts on your signage as well as your business’ slogan if you have one. As a matter of fact, this is one of the ways how some of the most successful companies around the world manage to acquire a household name. Most of all, the content should be relevant to your business or the particular product you’re trying to promote. This allows your business to stand out as unique from the rest of the crowd.

Consider the Materials Carefully

The materials used to make a display sign matter a great deal, especially when looking for outdoor business display signs. Foam, converse, metal, wood, and plastic, are some of the most common materials used for business display signs. In modern day, LED light, and LED screen business display signs are also available. Simply put, there are numerous options of business display signs to choose from.

However, durability is an important factor to consider. You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on display signs every few months. This makes it important to carefully choose an option that will withstand the elements as well as wear and tear to stand the test of time. Either way, you have to weigh your options between style, visibility, and esthetic appeal depending on how long you’d like the sign to remain on display.


Marketing is among the most important expenses any business can incur. Before choosing a particular size, style, design or type of business display, it is always important to work out a budget. It is easier for you to make a decision when you know how much your business can afford to raise to meet this particular marketing expense.

Bonus Point – Combine Signs With Modern Marketing Techniques!

As mentioned earlier, marketing is a broad area that requires the combination of multiple techniques for any business to maximize its returns on investment. But it doesn’t stop there, after picking a business display sign, be sure to combine these with online marketing techniques.

SEM and PPC: These are online marketing techniques that utilize paid ads to increase online visibility and web traffic from search engines.

SEO: This involves having a website and optimizing content with carefully researched keywords, backlinks, and content to appeal your target market and increase the website’s ranks on search engine result pages.

Email Marketing: It involves the use of email to create engagement, build relationships, improve customer retention, generate new leads, and influence return purchases/customers.

Content Marketing: The use of digital media content to promote a brand or product, in an effort to convert audiences into real customers.

Social Media Marketing: It involves promoting brands and products over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin, among others.