Marketing is at the core of all businesses. Today, you can find a variety of marketing tools at your – and your business – disposal. From fresh startups to cutting-edge conglomerates, everyone is utilizing these tools to effectively optimize their businesses.

While most of them are free of charge, some can cost you a few bucks. The return, however, is guaranteed to make up for all your expenses. If necessary, you can also get a quick payday loan, and there are plenty of companies that provide this service, for example, Turbo Payday Loans. You can use these loans to pay for your marketing expense in advance.

Check out these top 10 marketing tools that can help you grow your business and become a benchmark of success.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with detailed information about your website’s users’ activities. It tracks down the traffic on your website and gives you insights on;

  1. The frequency and time of visits
  2. Users’ demographics
  3. Search terms users have tried

These real-time analytics help you to understand more about your website’s performance, social media presence, and target audience. Accordingly, you can leverage this information to drive even more traffic and optimize your business.

2. HubSpot Marketing

Although there is not a single software or tool that can meet all of your marketing needs at once, the HubSpot Marketing tool is pretty well-rounded. HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software that allows you to manage your content, set up email campaigns, monitor social media, and receive marketing automation and analytics. And, on top of that, these features are all packed behind a very simple, easy-to-use interface.

3. Buffer

When it comes to social media marketing, Buffer is one of the top social media management tools that puts your mind to rest and handles all of your social media platforms from A-Z, smoothly and seamlessly. Perhaps one of its best features is implementing a time-saving plan and scheduling posts for social media ahead of time. You can curate all of your posts in one go, and then schedule them across the next day, week, or even month! Plus, it manages several accounts on different kinds of platforms, all at the same time.

4. Canva

Visual content is an integral part of marketing and its demand is on the rise. With Canva, you do not have to be a graphic designer to know how to create compelling visuals. The innovative yet easy-to-use tool can help you design using custom-made illustrations and cool infographics, to full-on designs and visual content. It has an enormous library of free and premium content to use from that can help you design layouts, ads, social media banners, and more!

5. HootSuite

Yet another famous, in-demand tool that makes social media management feel like a piece of cake! Hootsuite helps you keep track of what to post and when to post it. All the while its user-friendly dashboard simplifies the social media experience.

6. Hotjar

Ever heard of conversion rate optimization? Well, Hotjar can be a little advanced and is mainly used by CRO experts, however, Hotjar has the ability to give you incredibly detailed-feedback on user activity so you know how to enhance user experience and tweak your website accordingly.

7.  Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a basic and easy marketing tool to help you build your own personal brand. Google Alerts will constantly update you and keep you on the lookout for anything new on a specific topic. Using social mentions, it brings you the latest researches in your field and sends them right to your Gmail inbox.

8. MailChimp

Internal communication is yet another marketing tool that equates to the success of your business. Using MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns allows you to add a more intimate interaction with your customers and provide them strong and targeted email campaigns.

9. Buzzsumo

Analyze online trends with this great marketing tool. Buzzsumo monitors online content and breaks it down for you; from researching any topic to tapping into your competitor’s content. It shows you the number of shares for any content and which type of content performs best on each platform based on length, type, published date, etc.

10. Wistia

Wistia is hands down the best video marketing tool platform for businesses out there. YouTube may seem to be the easiest choice to upload your video. But Wistia caters to a different niche of marketing professionals. With this tool, you can analyze your viewers and learn how to provide them with a better user experience. Features of Wistia include a customizable high resolution (up to 4K) video player, analytics with heatmaps and viewing trends, email opt-ins, drag and drop organization, simple embedded codes, and video SEO.

Which Is Your Favourite Marketing Tool?

Keeping your business up and running with one of these marketing tools has never been a smoother experience. However, it is still recommended that you keep track of the latest updates and the newest tools as they are constantly developing and evolving. Which one the aforementioned tools do you think will work out best for your business? Let us know in the comments below!