Writing great content is hard – getting people to read it is even harder. 

You’ve probably tried to gain more traffic by sharing your content on social media, paying to promote it on search engines, or doing some good old-fashioned SEO. 

But what if there was an easier way to drive tons of quality traffic to your content? 

Like, a super easy way?

You won’t find this in any marketing textbook, so pay attention – one of the most powerful free tools you can use to generate more views is Quora. 

What is Quora? 

If Yahoo! Answers and Reddit had a child, it would be Quora. Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask strangers on the internet about a wide variety of topics, from product marketing to crockpot recipes. 

Unlike Yahoo! Answers, Quora has developed a reputation for credibility. Users can upvote answers they find relevant and downvote ones that aren’t helpful. The more upvotes a post has, the higher it will rank in searches for that topic. The higher a post ranks in search engines, the more people will see it – see where we’re going with this yet?

Why Do Marketers Love Quora? 

Question-and-answer sites are a must-have tool in your digital marketing kit. There’s a good reason why Quora and Reddit marketing services have become so popular in recent years – they work. Here’s how: 

  • Easy Authority Building: Every good marketer knows that authority is a top-ranking factor. Providing genuinely helpful answers on sites like Quora proves to Google that you know what you’re talking about, helping your content float to the top of the SERP faster. 
  • Long-term Results: Unlike paid ads that disappear the second the money stops flowing, a top answer on Quora or Reddit will continue to generate free traffic long after you post. 
  • Traffic That Converts: Quora doesn’t just give you more traffic – it gives you more high-quality traffic. The people who find your content through Quora are going to be more likely to convert because you’ve already proven to them that you have what they’re looking for. 

Before you ask, the answer is no – you can’t use Quora for link building. Links from the site are nofollow, meaning that they don’t contribute to your site’s backlink profile. But if you write a home-run answer that gains thousands of views, upvotes, and clicks, that exposure is still going to significantly boost your SEO.

How to Use Quora

To start answering questions on Quora, all you need to do is create a profile. You’ll want your profile to highlight your area of expertise, your credentials, and of course, include plenty of links to the content you want people to read. 

Then comes the fun part – getting involved in the community. You’re probably not going to strike gold right away, so answer as many relevant questions as you can to gain as many views as you can. As you build your credibility and earn upvotes, the views will begin to pour in more quickly. 

Stop Asking, Start Answering! 

Did we mention how easy it is to use Quora? You can answer people’s questions while you’re sitting on the couch on your laptop or sitting by the pool on your phone. And remember, Quora isn’t the only question-and-answer site you can use to get more eyes on your content. Sure, Yahoo! Answers is a bit outdated at this point, but Reddit has remained a thriving community with subreddits for every niche you can think of. 

So, what are you waiting for? Stop asking yourself how you can generate more traffic and start answering other people’s questions instead!