About a decade ago, digital marketing was considered a side-thought or an addition to the conventional marketing campaign. Things have changed. Digital advertising is now a crucial aspect of every campaign and one of the most important investments you will ever make. However, not all digital marketing measures will yield positive results. Here are some of a few mistakes that you need to avoid in order to create effective digital campaigns.

Failing To Set Marketing Goals

Just as with any other projects you would want to undertake, proper planning is very important. This applies to digital marketing campaigns as well. Most people fail to set clear goals that would create a smooth road to success. Before you set your digital marketing campaign rolling, you might want to establish the objectives and goals tied to each marketing technique. Without targets, you will never be able to measure your success or determine your weaknesses. It is, therefore, important to set targets, monitor progress, and fix any issues along the way.

Ignoring Your Analytics

Most business owners make mistakes by thinking about digital marketing as a one-stop project. You are making a huge mistake if you set the campaign moving and forget all about it. Digital marketing campaigns require constant monitoring, which means checking on performance and progress. It also requires paying attention to macro trends since every aspect of your digital marketing campaign is vital, including the traffic that seems to have low-quality leads. You never know what benefits come out of it.

Don’t Jump On New Apps

There is a difference between staying up-to-date and jumping on every new bandwagon. Digital marketing requires you to keep up with all technology advancements. But this doesn’t mean you should incorporate all of them for you to stay ahead of the competition. All you need is to keep updating all information about brands and technologies as they come.

One mistake brands tend to make is bringing in every trendy technology or platform into its digital marketing campaign. It isn’t a good idea to follow trends blindly without critically analyzing how it will benefit your brand. Whenever there is a hot trend, relax, study the concept and see if it plays to your advantage. You might save yourself a few heartaches.

Do Not Overspend On Technology

While technology could take up a considerable part of your investments, it shouldn’t take all resources. You need other components to keep your digital marketing campaign running. You cannot primarily depend on unpaid interns to run your social media pages. You cannot overload your community manager with multiple tasks that end up burning them out and eventually reducing productivity. You should consider hiring experts within the industry such as Sydney SEO to manage your digital marketing analytics with consistency. With an imbalance in your SEO strategies, you might be doing more harm than good to your campaigns.

Serving The Wrong Audience

Essentially, serving the right audience is one of the most critical aspects of planning a digital marketing campaign. It is evident that even the most skillfully designed campaigns won’t go far with the wrong audience. For instance, even if you publish top-notch content, and it doesn’t augur well with your target audience, the marketing campaign is bound to fail.

It is quite important to take some time to study your target audience, what they like, what language attracts them and what you need to bring them on board. The findings of your study will help you design a campaign that will attract the right people to your business.

Underrating Mobile

Going digital shouldn’t stop you from exploring all it has to offer. Most potential clients are more likely to use their smartphones to access the internet rather than their laptops. Therefore, you should ensure your website is responsive and accessible via mobile. Most people find it easy to use their phone to check for whatever they need from the internet rather than using a computer for a basic search.

Most people underestimate mobile devices despite their popularity among internet users. You could invest in a mobile app, speed up your site and adjust your website layout to keep smartphone users in the loop.


Most people have a common misconception about digital marketing campaigns evolving fast and yielding results almost immediately. When the campaign yields different results, most people get spooked and pull out. They don’t understand that there is a huge difference between the digital world and human ability. While technology may evolve quickly, the audience you are targeting for your campaigns are human and have other things to do in their lives. The response may be slow, but it should pick up gradually as long as you are consistent with the content and other marketing determinants.

This user guide will help you dodge mistakes that could get you into hot water when planning your digital marketing campaign. If you feel that you’ve been doing something wrong, take steps to correct the mistakes as soon as you can.