Creating a how-to course that people can access online is a great way to increase your business’s profits without having to do a lot of additional work. Simply come up with what you want the course to teach your target market, put it together in an organized fashion, and then publish it to draw a passive income for years to come.

That said, not every how-to program creator sees success. So, if this is where you are at this moment in time, you may be wondering why your course isn’t selling as it should. While many potential issues could exist, one of the most common is that it doesn’t inspire action.

You Can’t Have a Successful Course Without Inspiring Action

According to an article about Russell Ruffino in Forbes, Ruffino (who is the founder of Clients on Demand) shares that one of the biggest lessons he has learned with his service-based clients is that a lot of buyers decide to purchase these types of program impulsively. This means that they never follow it up with the actions required to obtain true results.

Additionally, when your customers don’t obtain the positive results they expected, your how-to course never has the chance to become known as the one course that can truly change people’s lives, regardless of how much helpful information it contains. That’s why Ruffino says that he now focuses on providing courses that are “truly transformative.” How do you create this type of program?

Aim to Attract Fewer Clients

Ruffino shares that one key to developing the type of course that is able to provide true and lasting results, thus making it more sought out by your target market, is to create a core strategy that revolves around working with fewer clients who are willing to pay higher prices.

All too often, entrepreneurs and business owners will price their how-to courses super low thinking that this will bring in more buyers since more people will be able to afford to make the purchase. However, as Nellie Akalp of points out the opposite tends to occur as “lowball prices send the message that your services, products, and talents are worth less than others on the market.”

This may help explain why your low-cost how-to course may not be bringing in the sales you like. Because of your desire to make it more affordable, the only buyers you get are those who are more focused on cost than results. Plus, they may not see you as the expert you are since your pricing is so low.

Offer High-Level Customer Service

The other thing that Ruffino says makes a how-to course more transformational than informational is to offer “a VIP experience to each and every customer so that they could create amazing breakthroughs in their business.”

Here’s the thing: when you are able to truly help your customers achieve the results they seek, what are they going to do? They’re going to sing your praises, right? They’re going to do amazing things and, when asked how they did them, they’re going to tell others that it was largely due to what they learned from you.

This can really help you elevate your business while also getting others interested in the course too. And if the positive review is made online, Dan Hinckley of Moz explains that the review is likely to influence 67 percent of the consumers who read it. Bonus!

If your how-to course isn’t attracting buyers like you thought it would look at whether you’re trying to attract too many clients and the level of your customer service you offer your existing clients. This can give you an idea of where you may need to make changes to get better results.