It’s in incalculable to figure out how many ways there are to market your business. Take your business owner hat off for a second and become the customer. Think about all the options they have to find the products and services they like. The marketing industry has changed perhaps more than any other industry in the last 20 years.

Once upon a time, an online consumer would be given totally irrelevant ads on the webpages they visit. Search engines would simply be paid to spread an ad on the behalf of a business and that was that. If it caught someone’s interest out there in the big wide web, then great. The focus of digital marketing was more on design rather than placement.

Now, however, your digital marketing strategy should be more focused on placement rather than design. It is important that your business is seen by as many eyes as possible, so focusing on the overall design of the ad is no longer the most important thing.

Social media is that huge bat signal that you can shine into customer’s eyes to get their attention and establish a relationship of trust between your customer and your brand.

The Visual Aid King

What’s more important in a great ad, the text or the visuals? If you had to even think about that, you should walk into a dark room and take some deep breaths. Of course, the visuals are the most important thing. We are visual animals, we respond to images much quicker and more often than we do with words. And, of all the social media platforms, which is the most heavily centered around imagery and photos? That’s right, that would be Instagram.

Instagram is the visual aid king, which is why businesses are using this particular platform more and more to spread their message, name, products, and services around the world. If you are interested, it may be worth your time to read more about how this can be done with a marketing company that specializes in social media. Around 60% of consumers have learned about a product through Instagram, and of that number, around 3/4 have taken action based on an advertisement or post. Quite frankly, this is because videos, images, and photos are the main feature of this platform.

Staying in the Fight

In your search for betting marketing solutions, by now you have probably already heard how SEO is changing. Google is rapidly changing how SEO works, with more and more control being placed into who is top dog in search results. However, SEO is inherently adaptable, which is why you should be staying in the fight to be the top dog.

Now more than ever you need to use your keywords in your social media posts. This comes in the way of the hashtag. If you can link your chosen keywords in your product names, descriptions, and blog posts with your online hashtags for your social media accounts, you create four-way traffic. This boosts your chances of consumers taking action based on what they have read and seen.

It’s no surprise that social media marketing is the new standard in this digital landscape. It’s not only not going to become more complex and exciting, but much easier for businesses to gain the interest they desire through the use of social media.