When I first saw this name, I had no idea what it meant. It sounds new, it sounds tacky, and, it sounds completely strange to me. What is a lead generation tool and how do I use it? Why do I use it?

So, I tried to break down the name [hint: you’ll read more about Webspotter below].

Lead: it could mean that is in the top of its category, or that its purpose is to lead you.
Generation: it generates something.
Tools: Self-evident.

After thinking about these and trying to put them together, I decided that it probably means that these are tools that help you find something based on a lead. Was I right?

From what I can see, or read, I was at least partially right. In some simplistic sense.

Essentially, what this lead generation software does is advertising. And that doesn’t sound so bad, but, it doesn’t make us jump for joy, either.

Bear in mind, this is not your typical advertisement. These people use all of the information about you available, and there is a lot of information, and tailor their advertisements accordingly. Have you noticed that the ads you see are always tied to your interests? Sounds like a major breach of privacy. But who has ever heard of internet privacy?

So, what kind of information might they find out about you?

  • Your likes
  • Your dislikes
  • The sites you’ve visited
  • The movies you’ve watched
  • The games you’ve played
  • The things you bought

Nothing goes unnoticed. That’s the price we have to pay for a free flow of information.

Lead generation software is mostly used to help businesses flourish. But how do they do that?

Email marketing

Most businesses want to establish contact with a potential customer. If you have their attention through emails, there’s a bigger chance they will use your service or come to your site. You are establishing communication and trade.

Social media

This media generates a lot of opportunities and traffic. It’s an excellent way to find talents and to be seen. Many companies use these to advertise their products. And nowadays, everybody uses social media. It’s like cattle waiting for slaughter. Beware; the age of brainwashing commercials has come!

Online advertising

Once you open a web page, you’ll be cluttered with commercials. It’s what makes a profit for those sites, so don’t throw a fit right away. Most of those ads work as pay for a click. You click on it, and the site gets some money. It costs you nothing, yet you’ve helped somebody.


It’s the age of the internet, and many people would rather ask Google for medical advice, then a doctor. It’s a dangerous practice, self-diagnosing everything, and it has led to a high number of hypochondriacs. Every other article will tell you to have a health issue: you have split ends – your kidneys aren’t working well; hangnail – you’re vitamin deficient. It’s popular to be ill.

I decided to check on the most popular lead generation software. Here’s what I came with:


This site has more than 250 million domains monitored, so you could say it has a widely spread web. If you want to improve your sales strategy, use data they can provide you, not some hearsay. It also allows you to find a site that needs your technology but still doesn’t have it. Seems like a good deal to me.


This site states that it can help you drive more visitors to your site, more than any other lead generation software. It has a spam blocker, lead segmentation, intelligent validation, so you can have a follow up from your visitors. And it tracks your lead value.

Intercom Acquire

As soon as you get to this site, you are met with a welcoming message: How can we help you? Its purpose is the same as the rest of the lead generating software: get the customers. They just do it with style. The communication with your customers is really important, and that seems to be the focus here: making a connection.


As soon as you get to this site, you can see loads of marketing options. This is obviously a lead generating software that focuses on pay per click ads and people enrolling your services through email. It’s mobile friendly and has plenty of features, which you can check on the site.