As an employer, it is your duty to always provide your workers with the best possible working conditions and make sure that they stay loyal to your cause. If you have only recently delved into the world of business ownership, you may not have thought about every element that makes you a great manager and leader. The perks you can offer to employees is something crucial to think about and they actually can make a big impact on your ability to find people who want to work for you. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best things you can offer employees when they start working for you. 

Health Insurance

When it comes to perks, health insurance is more important than you may initially think. Unless you live in a country such as the UK with free healthcare, health insurance can be a deal-breaker for many and it can ensure that employees can always access the care they need. Medical care can be incredibly costly and this is something which can make a huge difference to those who need it. Offering health insurance will help your employees reach the medical care they need and it will also ensure that they stay in fit shape to work for you. 

Vacation Days

One of the things which is often not seen as a perk but is, is vacation days. It is more important than you think to offer a good vacation package to employees and this can have a big impact on your ability to retain employees. It is important for you to offer a fair number of vacation days for your employees, and the more you can offer the better it is for mood and morale in the office. 

Performance Bonuses

When trying to coerce your employees to work harder and try their best in the office it is important to offer an incentive. Unless you offer a real incentive to your employees for their hard work, you might not see the effort and dedication you wish to see within your workforce. Make sure that you offer a real reward for targets met, and honor this to all employees. 


One of the most standard examples of employee benefits is a pension, and this is something you should do some research on before employing a new team member. There are many pension schemes in the world and they all offer different merits to users. If you want to offer the best for your employees it is important for you to research and find a plan that works for you and will provide the best deal to the user. 

Flexible Schedule

Gone are the days of a strict 9-5 schedule. Back in previous decades, it was normal to offer a strict and unflinching office hours policy, however, in this day and age, it doesn’t work the same way. If you want to offer something truly great to your employees this year, opting for a flexible schedule is a great idea. In short, you can allow employees to choose whether they prefer to start work earlier or later, and as long as they work the required number of hours each week this is a great way to run a healthy and happy workplace.

Employees have lives, and they also have commitments to work around. If as an employer you can note this and work around it, you will gain a much better relationship with your employees and this can change the whole landscape of your working life. Those who have kids can work earlier, and those who prefer their sleep can start work later in the morning. Creating a flexible dynamic opens up many opportunities and will heavily improve morale in the office. 


A perk which is more important than most in the workplace and can make a huge impact on employees is training. Training your employees is an important thing to invest in and it will mutually benefit both parties. You will be able to gain an employee with brand new skills and talents, and your employee will be able to develop their professional skills in order to further their career prospects in the future. Offering training programs can be a great way to increase the morale in the office and build upon the talent who already work for you in the office. It is always better to invest in current employees rather than hire from outside.

This way you will always get the best workers in your business and you won’t need to teach someone new about your brand every time you hire for a new position.