Finding the right name and slogan can play a significant role in the success of your startup. It can help you attract target consumers, encourage referrals, and increase recall. Meanwhile, the wrong name can reduce the ability to connect with customers and even result in legal woes. A strong name helps businesses across key communication and branding objectives. Not to mention, choosing a clear, powerful name can boost your entire branding and marketing efforts. But how do you come up with a business name that builds a brand tone? Below are strategies you can put in place to find a name that fits the structure of your business.

Develop a Naming Strategy

Determine what your name must accomplish for the overall business goals. Create a list of things you want customers to know about your business when they see or hear your company name. Your name should tell consumers you are unique, high-end, fun, and modern. When determining a name, make sure it is descriptive, unique, and easy to say and hear. Try to avoid misspelling names as target consumers may have a hard time telling the name. As a result, you will experience low traffic despite your marketing efforts. 

In addition, you don’t want potential customers to get confused about your services. Be sure to avoid the risk of having to repeatedly correct the misspelled versions and keep your name as simple as possible. The key is to choose a catchy name that is easy to remember and distinguish in your market. 

Brainstorm Name Ideas

If you are in a competitive market, chances are your preferred names are already in use. So, you will need to brainstorm new ideas to come up with titles suitable for your trade. While brainstorming company name ideas is not easy, there are techniques you can implement to make the process straightforward. You can start by alternating spellings or playing with foreign words. Performing a word dump or using a thesaurus are other effective ways of creating a name. You may also want to consider reaching out to friends and colleagues to help you search for a company name. When you have a focused group committed to helping you, discovering your startup name will become easier than what you’ve expected. 

Recruit Professional Help

Naming your business with the help of an in-house team can be promising. However, no one else knows more about your brand and target population better than you. Naming the company is a challenging process that requires a lot of time, effort and resources. To avoid the stress associated with naming, hire a professional. According to NameStormers, the best strategy is to follow a step-by-step naming process designed to create appealing company names within your niche. When you hire a naming agency, they will research your business to better understand your scope and mission goals. They will also assess your competitors to figure out how competitive the market is, along with what they’re doing right and wrong in their strategy.

After brainstorming ideas, the naming company will screen for copyright issues and test the title to ensure that it fits your requirements. As business owners, provide constructive feedback throughout the exercise. So that, together, you can find an appealing company name that fits your motto and ultimate business goals.

Check against Company Criteria 

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, employees, and business partners to give feedback about the name. If, for instance, they raise their brows when you mention the name; it does not mean it is a wrong choice. It might be because it is different and a good fit for your company. Keep in mind that a good company name must be unique and memorable. Also, test if the name describes your business, how it sounds over the phone, and online visibility.

Protect Your Business Name

Businesses use trademarks to identify themselves, the services and products they offer. Before you can use any trademarks in your company, make sure no one else is using a similar trademark. Using a trademark that is already registered may lead to a lawsuit for infringing copyright. Legal penalties often lead to financial problems in a business. To avoid such situations, conduct a registered trademark search before trademarking your brand. If there are no conflicting trademarks, consider registering with the patent and trademark office.

Choosing a great name for your business shouldn’t be stressful. You only need to use the right techniques to generate a name that fits every aspect of your business. Whether you plan to hire an expert team or do it yourself, consider a naming strategy to generate creative product or branding names.  Naming consultants guarantee quality services within a short period and at reasonable prices.