Business is basically about money, and for you to make a profit, you need to invest some time, energy, skills and money in a given investment of your choosing. In most cases, starting a good business will generally require a significant capital that you might not have at the time.

In that case, you will have to find a reliable source of money to either start or expand your business. There are very many ways that different investors use so that they come up with the expected amount of money for investment. If you are lucky enough to have some family members and friends that have money, they can lend out to you; then there is no shame in asking them to help out. 

Additionally, you might be the patient kind of entrepreneur who decides to wait and save. The idea of raising investment capital might sound very brilliant, but the truth behind it is that it takes quite some time, especially if the business you want to start is a big one.

Days will run, and you will mostly waste a lot of precious time that you would have used to run the business. That is why when friends and family members are not able to help you out or when personal savings are not an option; you need to think of getting a credit advancement from a highly reputable lender. This is one of the easiest and most dependable ways that a lot of business people use to get the money they need.

The most significant advantage of getting credit is that you can receive a large amount of money from investing, and that means that you can start running your business as soon as possible.

However, some people run off with unpaid financial advancements; hence, lenders are cautious when it comes to issuing out credit. You have to certify that you are worthy of credit advancement. One of the things they check out is a credit history, although some lenders can give you a credit card for no credit. Here are some of the credit cards that do not generally require one to have any reliable credit history.

Petal Cash Back Visa Card

This credit card usually works by offering a program that allows for different kinds of rewards. The cardholder also gets to benefit from this card, and unlike other common types of credit cards, the Petal Cash Back Visa Card has very few fees.  For a person with no credit history, this is one of the most reliable credit cards. The other great advantage of using the Petal Cash Back Visa Card is the fact that you do not get to be charged any fees as a result of late payments.

Deserve Classic Credit Card

This creditor offers many types of credit cards, and this is one of the credit cards that you can access if you do not have a strong credit background. Even though the Deserve Classic Card does not offer any rewards, there are no yearly fees charged. Apart from that, no you will also not be charged any fees for the foreign business transactions you carry out.

Deserve Edu Credit Card

If you intend to start a business and you are a student that has no credit history, then this particular credit card is for you. The Deserve Edu Credit Card was made majorly because of international students who visit and because of that, they usually have no credit history. This credit card also provides some rewards given the fact that you will get a bonus of 1% on all the purchases that you make using the credit card. Apart from that, other many more benefits come with this card.

Secured Credit Card

If you opt for a secured credit card, then you will need to open an account with your credit card lender after giving out a security deposit that is usually refundable. The amount of money you give out as security will determine the limit that you will get on the credit card. The credit card issuer does this because it is one way for them to lower the risk on their part.


After receiving your credit card for no credit, ensure that you use the card regularly to increase your credit score. Using a small part of the limit, you have will also work to your advantage. Most importantly, pay your credit late and avoid defaulting the payment for a better credit score.