As your business continues to grow, your online performance becomes vital. There is a need for a solid management system to save and protect your business’s online presence. Those who are tech-savvy will be aware of the benefits that a strong server can provide. 

So what is a server? Essentially it is a computer program that provides a service to another computer program or device. Once on-board with your requirements, with so much choice available, you may be unsure which server could be best for you.

A dedicated server is exclusive to an individual, organization or application. This exclusivity means your website is the only site hosted—you don’t have to share with another page or website!

Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for growing companies whose websites are gaining higher traffic. The plans come in different forms where the hosting center can manage the server for the client and guide them towards a seamless online presence.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a dedicated server for your growing business.

1. Control and Flexibility

Dedicated hosting gives you full control over how you choose to use your server. You can alter the configuration within your server, which gives you the flexibility when customising it to support your disc space and software. It means you can upgrade when required to meet the growing needs of your business.

Server Solutions by ServerMania and similar companies provide full control of the dedicated server. With these solutions, you can configure your server to work in tandem with your business’s website and increasing customer base. This flexibility means you are better prepared for new business opportunities and changes within the market.

2. Improves Security

With dedicated hosting, you can take full command of your site security. Security is important for every business but especially for those handling personal information.

A dedicated server doesn’t share data with multiple systems. Since the resource isn’t shared, the physical access to the server is far more controlled.

It is also wise to implement your own levels of security. There are applications you can install to run on the server. These include new security layers and better access control. This protects your customer data and improves usability.

3. Enhanced Performance

Choosing dedicated hosting improves overall performance for your website. If your website receives a lot of traffic, dedicated servers provide better stability when confronted with spammers or malicious sites.

This is due to other sites/users not using your space when your website receives a high volume of visitors. A dedicated server provides better performance as the chances of server crashes decrease.

4. Keeps the Costs Down

If a company needs a dedicated server, but it doesn’t have the time or resources to manage a server internally, dedicated hosting can be a low-cost way to access the capabilities of a full server.

Despite dedicated servers using specialist hardware, companies will not have to pay upfront for routine maintenance and repairs. In essence, you are getting the best service without the burden of dealing with equipment failures.

5. Provides Full Support

When you operate a website that sees a lot of traffic, you want to know that support is available as and when you need it. When there is an issue, companies offering 24/7 premise support through live chat or on the telephone can help get your site back up and running with minimal delays.

Such clear processes can improve productivity within your business and ensure everything remains in place.

Final Thoughts

A dedicated server has a positive impact on companies of all sizes. From startups to large-scale platforms, if you are seeking to grow, attract organic traffic and keep existing customers happy, you’ll require a website that can function 24/7. Dedicated servers are enabling businesses to thrive without problems.