Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand industries right now because of the growing use of technology and the Internet in our daily lives, and freelancers quickly realize this. 

However, along with this high demand is the need for freelancers to step up to edge out their competition. Thankfully, tons of apps can help freelancers manage their way to further their performance in the demanding world of digital marketing. Here are some of them: 


Due is a digital marketer’s handy digital wallet that offers easy integration with an invoicing system. This app allows freelancers to receive online payments and still retain that air of professionalism as an entrepreneur. It also comes with time tracking so that freelancers can stay updated with their expenses. 


Hurdlr is an innovative app that allows freelancers and independent contractors to keep track of their expenses. This smart app is packed with features including accurate reports, route learning, personal mileage reports, and tax deduction features. It can automatically track expenses and deductions, so users don’t have to log their drives, which are often forgotten. Digital marketers who often need to visit shops and networking events can use this app to separate their personal and business mileage. 


It is highly important for digital marketers to monitor their brand or products that they are promoting to the public. A once difficult task is now simplified with Brand24’s measurement tools. Users can easily analyze their marketing strategies by getting sentiment analysis and real-time updates regarding their campaign.


If you’re handling multiple social media sites then Hootsuite should be on your list of to-download apps. This app is specially developed to help digital marketers save time and energy while they do more. With Hootsuite, they can quickly post their messages across all social media networks and even manage scheduled posts. It also comes with analytics so it is easy to monitor a brand’s performance. If you don’t want to pay for a premium account, you can still manage up to three social media sites with the free version.


User engagement is a necessity if you want your brand to get the most traffic and retention for your consumers. For digital marketers who are facing difficulties improving their user engagement, then Offerpop is a must-have app. The app enables its users to connect with their target audience. It also comes with tracking metrics to quickly analyze each campaign that you have. With it, you can see which of your strategies are working and which ones are not. 


Crafting a catchy proposal is a must for every digital marketer. While it can be a breeze for some to make, it can be quite challenging for others. And this is where Proposify comes in. This app gives starting freelancers a head start with easy-to-understand design tools and refined metrics. It also comes with a content museum that they can use when they are pressed for time or just do not have enough creative juice. The great thing about this app is that it allows users to integrate it with their CRM and invoicing system. Got a big project to handle? It also comes with effective management tools to let you handle marketing and managing tasks with ease. 


If you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system app, then Streak is your best bet. This app allows digital marketers to connect with potential clients and partners, and manage leads and projects efficiently, as it can be integrated into their Gmail inbox. Users just have to download the extension, and it’s ready to use. 


Digital marketers who want to one-up their competition should come up with a revolutionary marketing campaign. With it, they have to partner with talented digital designers for every niche. Where to find them? Inside this social network app. Designers often showcase their skills and their latest works in this app. Those on the lookout for amazing designers for their next campaign, head on to Dribbble. 


Got too many tasks to handle? Let Wunderlist streamline it for you. This to-do list app can easily sync your tasks across all your devices, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve left your laptop at home. You can still keep track of your tasks using your mobile phone. This app is also perfect for tasks that call for collaboration among team members. The app can automatically send alerts, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your to-do list.

Digital marketing will continually grow in the coming years. For you to stand out in this market, you should exploit the power of these tools.