Regardless of whether your website is a blog, a business page or something a little more interactive, ringing in more visitors is a challenge which you must overcome. As more visitors begin to pour into your website you will be able to really create that community that you have been looking for. Higher traffic can also then be leveraged to give you more opportunities to make money, either through sales or advertising, which can then be maximized using a smart CRO strategy. There are numerous ways in which you can bring in more website traffic but before you begin, there are some important factors which you must consider. 

Quality of the Content and Design 

Before you start to look at bringing in more visitors you have to get some housekeeping done and ensure that your site is fit for purpose. Poor design, slow page load times, broken links and an overwhelming number of pop-ups are not going to impress your new visitors. It makes little sense in banging the drum for your site if the users will be disappointed when they arrive, so ensure first that your content and the navigation of your site is on point. 

Multi-Faceted Approach 

As mentioned in the intro there are numerous ways in which you can attempt to bring in more traffic to your site, and it is important to remember that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. The people you’ll aim for with an SEO campaign will differ from those who you can reach on social media, or through guest posting and for best results, you should cast your net as wide as possible. 

Consistency is Key 

It is crucial to remember just how fast paced the online world is, and this reinforces the point that you can’t just expect to post once and see a reaction, you have to focus on real consistency, day after day. If you are posting on social media then use software which will automatically post for you 6 times a day, for multiple weeks. Don’t just pay for one guest post and expect it to do well, invest in 2 or 3 per week. This is very much a marathon rather than a sprint, look at it like this and you’ll find much higher levels of success. 

Importance of Perseverance 

Perseverance really is key here because in your first weeks, perhaps even months, you are not going to see a huge spike in traffic. Plot how you will approach bringing in new traffic streams and focus on improving all the time, even if the increase is only a handful of people. Remember that a crowd draws a crowd, and as you get more traffic, the numbers will begin to boom. 

Involving Yourself in the Community 

Finally it is vital to remember that the online world is a community and you can’t expect to ask for that community to come and check you out, if you are not prepared to involve yourself. Replying to comments, engaging with emails and queries, this is how you pay the community back, and how you can garner trust between you and your users. 

Before you get started, use these key factors to map out your plan of attack.