A good project manager is supposed to possess certain qualities. The qualities that good project managers possess include:

1. A Good Project Manager Sets the Standard

A good project manager should set certain standards for the team. A good leader should ensure that his team can trust him/her. To do so, the leader should always act responsibly and ethically. 

The team should see that the project leader is committed fully to each project. In the process, the team will respect the project manager. The employees at the workplace will, in turn, be happy, and they will be more productive. 

2. Should Have Good Communication Skills

Clear and effective communication is essential. A good project manager should possess such critical skills.

The project manager should be in a position to communicate his/her vision with teammates on a mind map, whiteboard, or over zoom calls. They should also make sure they have outlined the primary goals to the team. Effective communication skills help ensure that the team can quickly grasp the project goals and other information that may be deemed necessary, with regard to a specific project.

Excellent communication skills will also enable the project manager to express the expectations clearly. The team should also keep track of the feedback issued by the project manager since it will help to guide them accordingly.

When a project manager lacks excellent communication skills, the team will be less productive. Also, they may be unable to handle different projects successfully. 

3. A Project Manager Should Be Enthusiastic

A cynical and pessimistic project manager cannot lead a team well. As a project manager, it is your sole duty to ensure that your team is motivated. Individuals with a positive mindset usually draw the team members towards them. Also, the enthusiasm will rub off on the other team members. 

4. A Good Project Manager is Cool and Collected

A good project manager should cope well when they are under pressure or stressed. Some obstacles arise from time to time. Being cool and collected helps ensure the project manager has handled the issue accordingly. 

When an issue arises, such as the presence of an inadequate budget, the leaders should remain calm. They should conceal any signs of pressure from the entire team.

By being calm, it is possible to handle the issue systematically and logically. The leaders who are unable to conceal the pressure they are undergoing do not make good project managers. 

5. Possessing Good Problem Solving Skills

Before launching a project, the project manager should ensure that there is efficient planning. The goals of the project should also be well defined. Such a project will work out well, and there will be minimal challenges along the way. 

Since minor challenges may occur, a good project manager should use the problem-solving skills they possess. By doing so, the project will progress accordingly, and the unnecessary delays will be eliminated.

The team members should also be able to express the ideas that they possess when it comes to solving some of these challenges. With that said, the project manager should ensure they are creative and resourceful to easily handle the challenges that come about when managing different projects. In some instances, the project manager may have to bring various team members together to brainstorm and come up with viable solutions.

6. Good Project Managers Are Competent

Although such quality is obvious, it’s good to look into it; a project manager should be good at what they do. They are role models to their teams, and that means they should be competent enough. If you are leading a team and realize that you are not competent enough, they may be unable to deliver as expected. A good project manager may have a variety of educational backgrounds, from a masters in construction management to a liberal arts education with primarily on-the-job training.

7. Good Project Managers Are Delegators

A good project manager scrutinizes his team accordingly. Since a team is made up of a group of people, each member will have different strengths and weaknesses. While delegating tasks, the project manager should assign individuals who can deliver exceptionally depending on their strengths and weaknesses.

Some studies show that companies that have been utilizing strength-based management practices can increase their project margins, sales, and client engagement. Also, employees will be more engaged.

Final Thoughts

A project manager should showcase that they trust each member of the team. They should have the utmost confidence in the abilities of each team member. The team members may feel undervalued when the project manager keeps checking up on their progress. They may even assume they are not good enough.