In the rapidly evolving digital age, print materials still play a significant role in the marketing industry. Although more sales and public relations documents are taking electronic form, print media remains relevant for the following reasons.

Mainstream Media

Marketing is a fast-paced media approach to promoting a business on a broad or global scale. Digital materials in the form of emails, social media posts, and text message alerts can reach thousands of prospective customers in seconds. Since more people communicate electronically than before, it makes sense to develop a marketing plan using digital media for fliers, brochures, letters, and even business cards. However, many people prefer tangible materials to view and read at their leisure, not when looking at their phones or computers. U.S. mail still delivers a massive percentage of marketing materials around the country to people who enjoy reading print materials with a tangible feel along with the visual appeal especially when offerings come in packages or with restaurant delivery bags. 


Certain types of electronic marketing materials are low in cost. However, there are still expenses like website domains, computerized systems and maintenance, and email address lists as well as time spent scrolling social media accounts and browsing ads to find the products you want. Mailed print materials can reach recipients directly without distractions from attached or blended materials. You can optimize your investment when you look for used commercial printers for sale to save money. Printing supplies, including paper and ink, is also affordable for most businesses trying to do their print marketing.

Legal Authorization

A signed and dated document counts as a legal form in most jurisdictions. Although the same can be true of certain types of digitalized forms, these may be more subject to fraud by someone who able to hack into the program and sabotage the records. Since signatures on digital forms are commonly typed into the signature line, anyone could add or change a signed name if they can access the document. Marketing materials theoretically can be hijacked to ensure that orders and payment placed with the organization go to an alternate address. While this can happen with print market materials as well, it is difficult to change a mailed form that comes directly to the recipient through the USPS.

Senior Security

Older people who are reaching their golden years grew up in an era of print marketing materials. That is what they are familiar with, and many of that generation trust printed mail over digital formats. Some older people prefer to receive direct mail marketing materials instead of sifting through electronic data on their computers.

Personal Privacy

Most people who receive digital marketing ads and mailings trust online information less than print materials they receive individually. Some like to receive print copies as well as, or in addition to digital versions. The printed forms can be saved in a tangible file format that is reassuring to people of any age who are concerned about Internet hackers and scams.

A glossy marketing piece that arrives by mail is often more compelling than a high-tech online marketing piece. Although a variety of businesses uses digitalized marketing media, print materials are likely to be around for the long haul.