Want to Write for the 60 Second Marketer? Here are Our Guidelines

The 60 Second Marketer is a website visited by hundreds of thousands of executives around the globe. Our readers are seasoned marketers who are interested reading about how marketing can help them grow their business.

If you’d like to write for us, here are a few tips to get you going.

First things first — if you’re not an experienced, seasoned writer, we won’t be a good candidate for your guest post

Our readers are sophisticated marketers who expect in-depth, top-quality posts written by seasoned executives. So please only submit your very best and most insightful work written in American English.

People reading your article should think “This article was written specifically for me”

They should also think “This isn’t a ‘tips and tricks’ post that can be found on other blogs. Instead, this post provides insider techniques or a thoughtful opinion.”

Your article should include 3 to 5 charts, graphs, or diagrams that highlight the key points you’re trying to make

We’re not looking for pictures or stock images. We’re looking for charts, graphs, or diagrams.

Please remember, if your post doesn’t include 3 to 5 graphics that support your premise, it will not published by the 60 Second Marketer.

We accept two kinds of guest posts: 1) insider tips, and 2) thoughtful opinion pieces

We’re slowly shifting away from How To posts and introducing more opinion pieces. If you are a seasoned, thoughtful marketing executive and want to share your opinion, send it to us.

Here are some examples of opinion pieces:

  • Why Google’s Best Days are Behind Them
  • Social Media’s Dark Secret: It Doesn’t Actually Work
  • Why the Ad Agency Business Will Shrink in the Next Decade
  • The Five Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of the Year
  • The Five Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of the Year
  • Don’t Waste Your Time on Twitter Ads
  • Is Inbound Marketing Still a Thing? No, Not Really.
  • What We Learned About Social Media Dashboards When We Compared 3 of Them

Here are some examples of How To posts:

  • The Surprising Lessons We Learned When We Ran an A/B Split Test on Facebook.
  • How We Increased Our Conversions 15% by Making One Simple Change to Our Landing Pages.
  • You’ve Been Doing SEO All Wrong. And We Have the Test Results to Prove it.
  • Lessons Learned When We Ran an Ad Campaign on Instagram.
  • What Works Better for SEO — Short Blog Posts or Long Blog Posts? Here’s the Surprising Answer

Guest posts must be 750 words or more

We only accept guest posts that are 750 words or more and include 3 to 5 images and graphics that enhance the content. (Please do not submit articles without 3 to 5 images or graphics since those will be declined.)

Please note: We only accept original content. We do not accept content that has been published on other sites. No exceptions.

Here are a few final tips to get you started:

Spend extra time on your crossheads. Don’t just write “Most logos are blue.” Instead, include information in the crosshead so that it moves the ball forward. “57% of all logos are blue. Here’s why,” is much better than “Most logos are blue.”

Image requirements: Your guest post needs to include 3 to 5 images or charts that enhance the content. Visit Statista.com or MarketingCharts.com for great statistics that can be used in your article. Be sure to link back, the way we’ve done below.

Finally, please use a conversational style in your copy. Imagine you’re talking to a friend over lunch.

Here’s a checklist to be sure you’ve got everything you need

  • Your guest post (more than 750 words) delivered via Word document or Google document
  • 3 to 5 charts, graphs, or diagrams, that support your premise embedded into the Word or Google document
  • A conversational writing style that speaks to intermediate to advanced marketers around the globe
  • A short, 40-word-ish “About the Author” bio at the end of the post with links back to your site

Where we’ll share your article

Your guest post will be shared on the 60 Second Marketer, a website that has hundreds of thousands of readers each year. We’ll also distribute it via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our e-newsletter.

Thanks again for stopping by. When you’re ready to submit a post for consideration, just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

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