Everything You Need to Know About Nonlinear Marketing. And Then Some!

Nonlinear Marketing is a topic that is gaining a lot of traction around the globe.

In a nutshell, Nonlinear Marketing is a new approach to marketing identified and expanded upon by Jamie Turner (CEO of 60SecondMarketer.com), Dr. Reshma Shah (Associate Professor in the Practice of Marketing at Emory University), and Dr. Varsha Jain (Associate Professor in Integrated Marketing Communications at MICA).

Brands such as Red Bull, Lego, AirBnB, Yeti, Starbucks and others are using versions of Nonlinear Marketing to weave their brands into the fabric of their consumers’ lives.

Instead of relying on a 30-second commercial to interrupt a prospect’s life with an unwanted sales pitch, these brands actually become part of the consumer’s life through events, stories, experiences, interactive content, sponsorships, and even ads that are designed to envelope the consumer’s life rather than simply interrupt it.

You’ve probably already experienced Nonlinear Marketing when you participated in a branded experiential event, read a native advertising post, chatted with a brand via Twitter, watched a non-promotional branded video, or engaged with any brand that was intentionally bypassing traditional (linear) marketing and weaving itself into the fabric of your life.

But is Nonlinear Marketing as easy as launching a series of simple marketing tactics?

No, not really. It’s much more nuanced than that, which is why we’ve written the 22 page ebook about it below. It’s filled with additional insights about this hot, new topic and can be downloaded with just one click (no registration required).

If you like the concept of Nonlinear Marketing, please feel free to share the ebook with your friends and associates. And be sure to stop by the 60 Second Marketer again in the future — we’ll be writing more about Nonlinear in the months to come.

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