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28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

Did you know that WordPress powers more than 17 million websites? It’s true. And it’s just one of the many amazing facts you’ll learn in this infographic brought to us by our friends at Skilled

  • 46,291 free plugins and 4,081 free themes… I wonder how many come with pre-installed malware and backdoors, or were created by people who don’t really know how to program and have performance and security problems. 🙂

    I’m constantly reminding people to only install plugins and themes they need and TRUST, and completely remove any that aren’t being used. (Those files are still laying around and can be used to compromise your site.)

    • Hi Ty — Great input as always. You might have noticed that the ad widget on the right hand side of our blog isn’t working right now. The reason is exactly as you stated — I had someone do some work on the blog and they installed a pile of unnecessary plugins that goofed everything up. I have to spend the weekend fixing the issue — all because I did what you said not to do, which was to have bad and sometimes useless plugins installed. My bad.