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Email Marketing Outperforms Social Media in Terms of Reach and Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're working on a shoestring budget and are trying to figure out where it would be best used, maybe this infographic can help. Brought to you by Host Papa, it breaks down email marketing and social media... Continue reading

Using Multivariate Testing For Enhanced Email Marketing Campaigns

It is common for companies today to leverage A/B and A/B/C testing when they seek to optimize different variables that contribute to e-mail campaigns. However, most businesses tend to ignore a more powerful tool known... Continue reading

Best. Unsubscribe. Ever. [Groupon Email Marketing Win]

I was cleaning out my inbox today, unsubscribing from some email lists I’ve been on for a while, when I came across an email from Groupon. Now hear this: I am a huge Groupon fan. I have never chosen where to eat... Continue reading