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What Facebook’s Updated News Feed Algorithm Means for you

What the heck? Every time you think you've got Facebook figured out, they come along and mess things up. As you may have noticed, Facebook has adjusted its algorithm for your News Feed. If you're a publisher, this change is big news because the new algorithm gives priority to posts from friends and family over publishers and public figures. (Damn those friends and family.) What's Facebook's goal? With this change they hope to persuade some of their 1.65 billion users to spend more time on Facebook and less time on other sites. Continue Reading..

How to Grow Your Facebook Fans Without a Budget

Today, a Facebook page is an essential component of just about any full-blown marketing campaign. In fact, it's gotten to the point where a Facebook page has become mandatory for many businesses -- potential customers can get suspicious when they don’t find one available.But what brings validation to a Facebook page is the number of likes and comments it gets. A page with fewer than 1,000 likes is considered unimportant by many people. And if you don't have more than 1,000 likes, your posts will be shown less frequently than you wish – remember that you'll be competing for space with giants such as Samsung Mobile and its 40 million Facebook fans.Continue Reading..

8 Free Social Media Tools You Can Use for Facebook Marketing

As of March 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users. It is currently the most used, most checked and most frequently updated social media platform. When you’re on Facebook, you have access to a massive audience. And by understanding this audience and catering to their specific needs, you can improve your interaction with them.So, how exactly do you make the most of your Facebook page? Below, we offer some tools to help you out.Continue Reading..